Is It Time for the NHL to Get Rid of the NHL Draft Lottery?

The NHL may want to figure out a new way to conduct its draft lottery in the immediate future or they may want to get rid of it entirely. The NBA did their draft lottery right.

The NBA is waiting until the regular season is over to conduct it. They will be conducting theirs at the end of August. Meanwhile, the NHL conducted theirs on Friday night.

The NHL Draft Lottery was confusing, to begin with. Only seven teams qualified for the moment because they are not one of the 24 teams participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Because of the way the draft lottery was conducted, one of the eight teams who lose in the qualifying round will land the number one pick, which is disgraceful, to begin with.

Worst with the Pick

The worst seven teams should have automatically gotten the number one pick, but it didn’t happen. The only eight teams that can’t receiver the number one pick that made it to the postseason are the Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins, St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanche, and Vegas Golden Knights.

Other than that, the other teams that were not announced on Friday night is in play for the number one pick. The order for the NHL Draft right now is the Los Angeles Kings at number 2, Ottawa Senators at 3 and 5, Detroit Red Wings at number 4, Anaheim Ducks at number 6, New Jersey Devils at number 7, and Buffalo Sabres at number 8.

How does a team for the postseason have the right to get the number one pick for Alexis Lafreniere and meanwhile the Detroit Red Wings don’t? This should be it for the NHL Draft Lottery. It is time for them to do the model of the NFL and the MLB.

Power of the Playoffs

Anyways, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the heartbeat of the NHL season. As this is being said, a high-quality team should not be able to get the number one pick.

The NHL Draft Order should have been like this: 1. Detroit Red Wings 2. Ottawa Senators 3. Ottawa Senators (from San Jose Sharks) 4. Los Angeles Kings 5. Anaheim Ducks 6. New Jersey Devils 7. Buffalo Sabres.

That is the order it should be and it is what it is. We will see who lands the number one pick in the second drawing after the qualifying round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. A lot of people thought it was rigged for ratings and a way for the NHL to get more money. After this though, this should be the end of the NHL Draft Lottery.

This is the final straw for hockey fans and I wonder how many executives are going crazy. Detroit Red Wings General Manager Steve Yzerman is not making any excuses for himself in trying to build this team from the ground up.

Do you think the NHL should get rid of the NHL Draft Lottery? Leave a comment below.

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