MLB: COVID-19 Becomes Godsend For Owners

As we all have seen, the owners and players of the MLB have never ever been further apart when it comes to a plan to start the season. The players want to be treated fairly and there are some owners that would rather be slave owners than actual leaders. There was hope once upon a time that Baseball could have been the shining light that could have been America’s distraction from COVID-19 and the current pandemic. But alas, greed won in the end and the hopes of Americans lost. Sure, there has been no official word that it has been canceled. However, it has become clear that the owners are beginning to use the pandemic to change the narrative using the following plan:

Step 1. Draw attention away from the negotiation

As of today, there are many different reports surfacing that the owners have delivered a letter to the players threatening a canceled season if the players association does not drop their lawsuit. On top of those reports, Commissioner Rob Manfred has come out and completely backtracked on his original claims that there “would be baseball in 2020”. Both of these stories are very bad publicity for the owners. So is it not interesting that on the same day those occur, there is all of a sudden this report that some players and coaches have now tested positive for COVID-19? This is the first key to lowering the public backlash towards the owners when they eventually cancel the season to save their pocketbooks.

Step 2. Capitalize On Fear

Now that it has been established that COVID-19 is in the MLB, they will start holding press conferences. Specifically press conferences regarding testing plans. Each owner and or President of each team will come out and say that they truly care about safety thanks to this news. In reality, they’re probably having long board meetings where there are no real solutions similar to congress. The creation of these plans will take a foothold in the media cycle for weeks. Teams’ social media pages will show unity with some weird hashtag about beating it.  Within this step, teams will leak false plans to different national reporters. This step should take about two or three weeks minimum.

Step 3. The Hero Plan

After extending and wasting everyone’s time, actual plans will be created. Not plans for playing, however, but plans like opening back up facilities and for testing. There will be more press conferences that feature owners patting themselves on the back for thinking of an idea like, testing everyone and special hand sanitizer stations in the dugouts. The actual implementation of these plans will take some more time. However, by now it’s August and the season is practically gone.

The Conclusion: The Martyr Press Conference

After the three steps have been implemented and performed, there will be yet another press conference. This time they will do the power play of bringing out their entire board of governors and maybe some politicians as well. The tone of this press conference will be something like “woe is me”. There will be broad statements about how much canceling the season hurt them “as Americans” and “as baseball fans themselves”. Behind these Oscar-worthy performances is going to be the joy that they did not have to open their wallets as much, and of course, a large owners celebration that would make Jay Gatsby jealous.

The sad thing about this is, we as baseball fans would fall for it. Maybe parts of it are true with COVID, but why is it just now that they decide we need to stop everything when this whole time they have been telling us they want to bring baseball to the people. It just seems like way too perfect timing for slimy, greedy, useless rich people to flex what imaginary muscle they have, and crap on the very fans that made their teams as worth as much as they are. Pettiness should not be popular, but for some reason, it is commonplace in Major League Baseball. Despicable.

How do you feel about the negotiations between the MLB, owners, and the MLBPA? Leave a comment below.

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