NFL: Re-drafting the Top 10 Using Current Players decided to do an NFL re-draft for the entire league. This is like what happens when you are playing on Madden Dynasty mode and you want to start things all over.

Here is the thing, it would be really weird to see top players in different uniforms. Anyways, who would potentially be a Top 10 pick in a draft redo?

1. Cincinnati Bengals – Patrick Mahomes, QB

Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL right now and he already has a Super Bowl MVP and a regular-season MVP. Patrick Mahomes would revive the Cincinnati Bengals franchise here, but let’s be real folks, he is going to win multiple Super Bowl titles with the Kansas City Chiefs.

2. Washington Redskins – Russell Wilson, QB

Wilson is the most underrated and underappreciated player throughout our lifetime. Russell Wilson can carry a team on his back and he has won a Super Bowl and I thought Wilson should have won the MVP Award over Lamar Jackson as well. Wilson is the heartbeat of the Seattle Seahawks though. Russell Wilson also gets it done in the clutch. Washington hasn’t had a great quarterback since Joe Theismann, but he won’t be walking through the Redskins locker room doors anytime soon.

3. Detroit Lions – Aaron Donald, DT

Matt Patricia is a defensive-minded head coach. Aaron Donald is a freak of nature in the middle and he is impossible to stop. Donald was already a back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year Award winner.

New York Giants – Carson Wentz, QB

Look away Philadelphia Eagles fans. Carson Wentz is a top player in this league when he is healthy. He can sling it and should have won an MVP had he not gotten hurt. Wentz does have a Super Bowl title on his resume whether you like it or not.

5. Miami Dolphins – Lamar Jackson, QB

Jackson is one of the best quarterbacks in the game with his speed. He has a ton of guts and the will to win. Lamar Jackson is the shiny new toy in town and he already has an MVP. My caveat with him is that he is 0-2 in the postseason. Jackson has improved on this throwing. Head Coach Brian Flores would love a guy like Lamar Jackson inside the locker room.

6. Los Angeles Chargers – Joey Bosa, DE

The Chargers wouldn’t mind keeping their own guy here. Joey Bosa is a beast off the edge and he is also very fast. Bosa is a nightmare for a ton of quarterbacks and one of the ingredients to win in this league is a pass rush.

7. Carolina Panthers – Christian McCaffrey, RB

This is another pick here I wouldn’t mind using for the own team. McCaffrey may be the best overall running back and I don’t think the Carolina Panthers would trade him for anything. Christian McCaffrey can block, can run, and can catch passes out of the backfield.

8. Arizona Cardinals – Julio Jones, WR

This would be a very interesting selection here by the Arizona Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald was one of the best wide receivers to ever play. I guess Arizona would be thinking, let’s get another here. Also, they did trade for DeAndre Hopkins in the offseason from the Houston Texans. Other than that, Julio Jones can do it all. He can catch and stop and change direction. Jones’s run blocking ability is also very underrated.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – Deshaun Watson, QB

This would look so weird for Houston Texans fans. Watson would be an interesting fit with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but it is what it is. Deshaun Watson has carried his team a lot. He will be a free agent after the 2021 season and I am curious to see if he will even stay with the Houston Texans.

10. Cleveland Browns – Michael Thomas, WR

The Cleveland Browns love wide receivers and Michael Thomas would fit the bill here. Thomas runs great routes and has solid hands. He isn’t that explosive, but his reliability to get the job done is what teams want. The Cleveland Browns would love his work ethic and he takes no nonsense from anyone.

What do you think of this NFL Redraft and who would you have in the Top 10? Leave a comment below.

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