AEW: With the Addition of FTR, the Tag Team Division Is Stacked

Since AEW has been around, there has been a lot of talk to how stacked the tag team division is. When AEW first started, you had teams like the Young Bucks, SCU, Private Party, Best Friends, and so on. In the months since we have seen the Blade and the Butcher and most recently, FTR (Formerly the Revival) both join as well. When AEW began, the tag team was getting a lot of praise. Now, they are being looked at as the best tag team division in all of professional wrestling.

Impact Wrestling, NWA, and Ring of Honor all have good tag teams, but no promotion around in 2020 has a stacked tag team division like AEW. To be honest, the only other time we saw a tag team division so loaded was the WWF during the Attitude Era. During the Attitude Era, the WWF had teams like the Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christen, the APA, Kane and X-Pac, The New Age Outlaws, and so on. You knew when you watched Raw during that Era that you were always going to see great tag team wrestling.

It seems like tag team wrestling in 2020 has gone down a lot. For example, WWE’s tag team division has been awful. The Raw and Smackdown tag titles have no meaning behind them. I know Street Profits are the Raw tag team champions and The New Day has the Smackdown tag titles. Other than those, I have zero interest in the division. While NXT is under the WWE banner, it gets an exception. You have a few tag teams there and they are in the process of building up those teams.

Look at a company like Impact. The current tag champions are the North. Impact has a few decent ones, but it seems like the North will be the top of that division. The same could be said with Ring of Honor, MLW, and NJPW. Right now, AEW has the top tag team division in all of professional wrestling. What makes it easier for them is they can essentially plug in any two teams to the top of the division.

In addition, you have close to a dozen or so teams that will not only put on great matches but will elevate the other guys. You have teams like SCU and the Young Bucks who don’t need the titles, but they will help get teams like Private Party, Best Friends, and many others.

However, it will be interesting to see what happens with FTR. With how loaded that division happens to be, the direction will be interesting. As it is known, we will see FTR take on Butcher and the Blade this Wednesday. In fact, I would have them feud with Butcher and the Blade for the foreseeable future. Once the crowds come back, then I would have them go after the Young Bucks. Then have them go for the titles.

AEW airs every Wednesday night from 8:00 pm EST to 10:00 pm EST on TNT.

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