Golf: Match Two Was Great as It Brought the Best Together

Sporting events are shortly but surely coming back to television. Many of these events do not have fans and fans may not be back for a while. Just a few weeks back we had what was called The Match Two. It featured two PGA tour players in Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. They each had a partner one former and future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and the other the GOAT and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. There are many out there who don’t watch golf or even play the sport. For the fans that do love the sport like myself were glued to the television. I was at a sports bar to watch some of the matches and every time there would be a moment everybody would cheer. What this proves is that sports fans want to have sports back no matter if they can’t attend.

Tiger Woods

Every time this man is in a golf tournament views are up. The Match Two took place on his home course. The Medalist Golf Club in Hope Sound, Florida is where Woods has a membership as do many other PGA players, including one Justin Thomas who was doing on course commentating. This was the first time we had seen Tiger since he was having issues with his back earlier in the season. During these 18 holes his back didn’t seem to be bothering him at all. Maybe the time off was what he needed. Woods hit crisp shots that we are all used to him hitting. In my opinion, he had the best looking custom golf cart of the four. He has his tees at the course. In the end, it was great seeing him playing golf again. It also looked like he was the most serious.

Phil Mickelson

Mickelson defeated Woods in the first match that was on pay-per-view. This time the teamed up for charity for COVID-19 relief. Phil hit shots like he always does by taking risks. One of the shots he hit he explained to Justin Thomas exactly how he was going to execute it. When Mickelson hit the shot it did exactly what he said. For most of the match, he carried Tom Brady who was his partner. His team was down early in the match but just like in typical fashion they staged a comeback. Mickelson had a putt late in the match to tie it up but just missed it. Phil was one of my favorite players. Most golf fans can relate to him and you are going to see thrills no matter what type of golf Mickelson plays.

Peyton Manning

Manning clearly showed he can play the game of golf. He roasted not only Tom Brady but Phil Mickelson as well. Peyton changed hats throughout the match. No matter what hat he was wearing he hit some good shots. One of the funnier things he said as he saw how Mickelson/Brady was wearing matching colors. He came out and said he would never wear red and black. Why you ask those are the colors of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. The Bulldogs are rivals to the Tennessee Volunteers where Manning played for four years. Peyton made some key putts early in the match to give him and Woods a big advantage they almost lost in the end. I am not saying that Manning didn’t have some struggles. He took an “unplayable” on the first hole. He outplayed Brady, however.

Tom Brady

Brady looked out of place right off the bat. Like Manning, his first hole didn’t go as well. Many fans on social media and on the broadcast were heckling him right away. But we all know that Brady seems to not let the bad bother him. Throughout his playing career, he has shown an ability to come back no bigger than against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. He struggled as a golfer. PGA pro-Brooks Koepka would donate $100,000 extra dollars if Brady could make a par on the front nine. He hit the shot of the match holing out from 100-yards for a birdie net eagle. Both Manning and Brady got shots because they are amateur golfers. After he holed that shot out as he was reaching down to retrieve the ball from the hole he ripped his pants in the butt area.

The Match Two was what the sports world needed. We are on the verge of hopefully getting back the NBA, NHL, and MLB. Until then it was great to be able to watch live sports. These four gentlemen battled through the rain and put on a great show. From what I saw even the non-golf fan was excited to see it. Woods, Mickelson, Manning, and Brady all did what they do best and it was all for a great cause. The foursome raised $20 million for help with COVID-19. All of them had great custom golf carts which were all auctioned off after the match. It was great having live golf back and for me as a huge fan great to see these four play the sport.

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