Washington Redskins: The Curious Case of Dwayne Haskins

The Washington Redskins have not had a franchise QB in many moons. While they have drafted the “chosen one” many times, none of them have panned out. Names like Jason Campbell, Robert Griffin III, Heath Shuler, Patrick Ramsey, have not been long-standing names under center. Thus, bringing us to the next on, Dwayne Haskins. The Redskins also selected him to be the next “franchise” QB. However, in just his second year many are questioning the move. Therefore, we look at the curious case of one, Dwayne Haskins.

Haskins is entering his second season in the NFL. The Redskins chose him with the 15th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. However. There was much speculation around the pick from the beginning. Many believe that there was turmoil between the coaching staff and the front office regarding Haskins.

Then, head coach, Jay Gruden did not want to go with the arm out of Ohio State. Instead, he wanted to select the kid from Duke, Daniel Jones. Nevertheless, the front office would win and Haskins was the choice.

Haskins College Success

Dwayne Haskins did have success at OSU. Although it was only in one season. Yes, he played for the Buckeyes for two seasons, but he only started one. He then decided to turn pro after his sophomore season.

During his sophomore season, Dwayne Haskins threw for nearly 5,000 yards (4,831). He has 50 TDs to only 8 INTS. This, in turn, prompted his first-round status in the NFL Draft.


Haskins is also the type of QB that needs a solid supporting cast. This begins upfront and spreads to his playmakers outside. This is where, I feel, the Washington Redskins are hurting the development of Haskins. They are too young at WR. Yes, players like Terry McLaurin and Steven Sims are up and coming stars in this league. Nevertheless, you need to incorporate some veterans to help develop a young arm such as Haskins.

This goes upfront as well. While Dwayne Haskins can move, he is not Lamar Jackson or Michael Vick mobile. He does not like to run. He would rather sit in the pocket and work the field. The Redskins have had problems keeping an offensive line in front of any QB the past couple of seasons. He was sacked 29 times in just 9 games as a rookie. A QB needs to be upright in order to succeed.

Ohio State University

Name the last “franchise” QB to come from OSU? Heck, name the last good QB to come from OSU? Just saying that it is not a school that many go to for breeding top tier QB talent. Now, I am not against there being a first time for something. It is just that the school is more known for talent at other positions than it is for building quality QBs. In fact, most of the QBs that have come from there have had to switch positions in order to succeed in the NFL.

Can Dwayne Haskins be a franchise QB? Most certainly. This is not an article saying he cannot. It is just saying that his case is certainly one of curiosity. For the sake of the Washington Redskins, I certainly hope they have found their man of the present and future. Because putting another car on the QB carousel will set this franchise back again. That is something that I am sure the fans of this organization cannot handle much more of.

How do you feel about the chances of Dwayne Haskins becoming the “franchise” QB of the Washington Redskins? Leave a comment below.

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