Colorado Avalanche: The Four Faces of Mount Rushmore

Hockey, one of the most grueling sports on the board. However, also one of the most satisfying. Hoisting the Stanley Cup is one of the most prolific things in sports. For the Colorado Avalanche that has happened twice in franchise history. There are four key players that have helped make that happen. They are the faces that make up this team’s remarkable young history. Thus, without further ado here is the Mount Rushmore of the Colorado Avalanche.

Joe Sakic

Sakic is an original member of the Colorado Avalanche. He was with the team back when they were the Quebec Nordiques. Sakic was an integral part of the team winning their two Stanley Cups. In his 13 years with the Avs, Joe Sakic played in 870 games, scored 391 goals, and had 624 assists, for a total of 1,015 points. When you think of the Colorado Avalanche, you think of Joe Sakic. Therefore, he is the first face of Mount Rushmore of Avalanche players.

Peter Forsberg

Forsberg played 10 years with the Avs. Although he did not play his whole career with the team, the bulk of his career was with the team from the Mile High City. Forsberg played 13 years in the NHL. During his tenure with the Colorado Avalanche, Forsberg played in 544 games, scored 202 goals, and had 503 assists, for a total of 705 points. During the championship season of 1995-96, Forsberg played in all 82 games. Injuries plagued the end of his career. Nonetheless, he is the second face on the Avalanche Mount Rushmore.

Patrick Roy

While Roy only spent 7.5 years with the Colorado Avalanche, he still was impactful enough to make the mountain. Roy played in 478 games as a member of the Avs. He was acquired via trade partway through the ’95-’96 season. During his eight years Roy had a save percentage of .918. He was one of the best goalies in the business for 19 years. He was a 17-time All-Star, The Avalanche was lucky enough to have him for their two Stanley Cup Championships, thus, putting as the third face of an Avalanche Mount Rushmore.

Adam Foote

This fourth face was a little difficult. The Colorado Avalanche has had so many good players grace the burgundy and blue sweater. Nevertheless, after some debating I decided on Adam Foote. Foote spent a total of 13 years with the franchise. 17 if you count his time with the Nordiques. As an Av, Foote played in 760 games, scored 48 goals, and had 173 assists, for a total of 221 points. He also hoisted two Stanley Cups, thus, making him the fourth and final member of the Colorado Avalanche Mount Rushmore.

So there you have it. Four of the greatest players in the history of the Colorado Avalanche. Mount Rushmore in the sports world is forever changing. However, as of now these four faces make up the rock of this franchise.

Whom would you place on the Mount Rushmore of the Colorado Avalanche? Leave a comment below.

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