MLB: It’s Time For Commissioner Rob Manfred to be Fired

We all have our opinion on who the worst commissioner in sports is. Most of us will point the finger at Gary Bettman of the NHL. This is the same guy that says that CTE and concussions have no connection. We all know that is far from the truth. Close to him is the commissioner of the MLB. Rob Manfred is the current commissioner and may not survive this year, however, this will have nothing to do with the coronavirus. The start of the MLB season is still up the air but many are pointing for July 1.

In my opinion, Manfred should be fired because of certain moments and how he has handled things recently. I am sure that some will disagree.

I have done some research on social media and many happen to agree that he should be fired. The ones who keep him employed are the owners.

Metal? Really Rob?

I will start with Manfred calling the World Series trophy a “Piece of Metal”. The trophy is called the Commissioner’s Trophy. This is a trophy that every baseball player wants to win and hold in their career. There are many great players that have never won it. Rob Manfred did apologize for calling it a piece of metal.

Many players heard what he called the trophy and weren’t happy about it. I have never played the game of baseball but I am a huge fan of the sport nonetheless. Baseball has the longest year and teams go through plenty of challenges in order to win the World Series. I would be really upset by that comment, especially if I played every year so that I could finally hold that trophy in my hands. That is just the start of why I believe Manfred may get fired.

Cheaters Galore

The MLB may have just gone through one of the biggest cheating scandals in its history, even though the worst one might be the 1919 Chicago White Sox. There were players that took money to lose games in the World Series. All of the players involved are banned from baseball for life. One of the notable ones is Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Recently, the Houston Astros were found guilty of cheating from 2017 through 2019. They used an outfield camera that was placed in the bullpen. The camera was relayed to a person that was sitting just outside of the clubhouse behind the dugout. On all breaking pitches, the person handling the computer would hit a trash can. This, of course, helped the Astros hitters know what pitch was coming. This was discovered by Jomboy Media. After an article said that this was happening. What did Rob Manfred do? Absolutely nothing.

The Astros weren’t the only ones that cheated in the last few years. The other team was the Boston Red Sox. Red Sox’s manager Alex Cora was caught using an Apple watch that could help steal signs. We all know the term in baseball: if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

Lousy Punishments

Many of the fans of the other MLB teams thought these two teams should have been severely punished and besides Rob Manfred had a chance to punish both teams. The Astros got fined $5 million and fired manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow. Manfred suspended them both for one year. Houston also got top picks taken away.

The Red Sox got an employee banned from the replay booth in J.T. Watkins. Manfred suspended him without pay for 2020 and also barred him from working any replay booths in 2021.

Rob Manfred also took away a second-round pick from the Red Sox and gave manager Alex Cora who was also a bench coach for the Houston Astros during their scandal a similar suspension to Hinch’s.

Many people view this as just a slap on the hand. None of the players on either team were suspended, however that should have happened. Just in case you know I am a Boston Red Sox fan and thought my team got away with cheating.

In conclusion, I believe Rob Manfred should be fired by how he handled the cheating scandals and the terms he has used for the World Series trophy. We will have to wait and see when the MLB season is over to find out his fate.

Should Rob Manfred be fired as MLB Commissioner? Leave a comment below.

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