Louisville Cardinals: Checking In With Linebacker P.J. Blue

The Louisville Cardinals are trending upwards and are favored to contend in the ACC in 2020. There were some positives in 2019 and will look to build off of them for the coming college football season. One player on the Louisville Cardinals to watch out for in 2020 is outside linebacker P.J. Blue. He attended Park Crossing High School his senior season where he committed to the Louisville Cardinals on December 1st, 2015 and before that he played at Jemison High School.

As a senior at Park Crossing, he totaled 67 tackles, six pass deflections, and two interceptions. As a junior, he had 110 tackles for Jemison High School. Then before that when P.J. Blue was a sophomore he recorded 90 tackles and one interception. His freshman year in high school he had 77 tackles. He received offers from Louisville, Alabama, Clemson, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina before choosing the Cardinals.

At Louisville, he redshirted in 2016. In 2017 he tore his ACL in spring practice with the Cardinals. In 2018 he appeared in eleven games starting in four of them. Blue ended the year with 39 tackles and a pair of tackles for loss. Unfortunately, he missed 2019 due to a knee injury, but P.J. enters 2020 as a redshirt senior. I had the lucky opportunity to check in with P.J. Blue and talk about many things with him. This is the interview with the Louisville Cardinals outside linebacker.

The Interview

Jeremy Austin Grace (JAG): First off how are you and your family doing with everything going on?

P.J. Blue (PJ): We are doing well. Everybody is healthy and good.

JAG: What’s your take on the 2020 college football season and are you optimistic that it will happen?

PJ: I think the season will happen. It has to, but it just might have to be pushed back.

JAG: What’s the expectations for the season for you and the program at Louisville?

PJ: I’m expecting another successful season. We want to win the conference championship. My goal is to stay healthy and help the team in the best way possible.

JAG: How exactly would you describe your college career so far and what you’ve been through?

PJ: It’s been pretty difficult because of all of the injuries, but still a great experience. The ups and downs of my college career have taught me lessons that will help me throughout the rest of my life.

JAG: What would you say has been your favorite moment through your football career?

PJ: When we put up 63 points on Florida State my freshman year. That was a fun game. I think that was the worst they’ve ever been beaten and Cardinal Stadium was electric that day.

JAG: Outside of sports what do you like to do and what are your plans as well as your goals?

PJ: Outside of sports I like to read about various topics. Mainly on how I can better myself as a person in different areas of my life. My main goal right now is to get my Master’s Degree in Health Administration.

JAG: Who do you look to for motivation and that keeps you going?

PJ: My family motivates me more than anything. I want to use everything God gave me to be the best I can be for them so that one day we can live a better life.

JAG: Do you have any words to live by or advice for fans and readers of this article?

PJ: In one of Tom Hanks’ movies he said something like “It’s supposed to be hard; the hard is what makes it great.” Sometimes life can get really difficult. But how do you respond to adversity? To me, it’s nothing better than gritting your teeth through the tough times and coming out on top. One of the best feelings in the world.

I would like to thank P.J. Blue for the amazing opportunity to speak with him and talk about things. WBLZ Media appreciates P.J. for taking the time to answer some questions. We wish P.J. Blue all of the best in the coming 2020 college football season on and off the field. Keep an eye out for P.J. Blue to be a breakout star for the Louisville Cardinals.

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