Dallas Cowboys: Should the ‘Boys Sign Dre Kirkpatrick?

Should the Dallas Cowboys Sign Dre Kirkpatrick and trade for Jamal Adams? The NFL Draft is just mere DAYS away. The Cowboys also have holes at Defensive End and in the Secondary. On March 31, the Cincinnati Bengals possibly did the Dallas Cowboys a favor. It was on this day that the Bengals cut Kirkpatrick. Interestingly, the Cowboys have weak points in the secondary. To be quite honest, the Cowboys will improve drastically at the cornerback position should they sign him. Furthermore, the Cowboys would be doing themselves a favor by trading for Jamal Adams.

”Pros” of the Cowboys signing Kirkpatrick

  • Kirkpatrick has played and started 10 games or more in all but two of his seasons played.
  • Possesses “Ball Hawk” abilities that may help make the Dallas Defense more aggressive. 10 INTs, two of which were returned for touchdowns.
  • Possesses the ability to rush the quarterback. Nine of his tackles are for a loss. Furthermore, Kirkpatrick has three quarterback hits. 254 solo tackles, 302 combined tackles, and 48 assisted tackles to his name. He can hit.
  • Brings a winning element due to his time in the University of Alabama
  • Will definitely fill a spot that is weak.
  • Signing Kirkpatrick only costs Dallas in salary cap.

Again, to be quite honest, Kirkpatrick was one of the most memorable players to watch when he was on the field. Let’s now look at the cons of Kirkpatrick joining the Cowboys.

“Cons” of Kirkpatrick signing in Dallas

  • Age.
  • May come with a hefty price.
  • Team fit.

We live in a world of “what have you done for me lately?” Kirkpatrick has said he believes his release came because of his age. While it’s true that age can and will slow people down, hunger can also play a part in success. Due to the feeling of age being a factor in his release, Kirkpatrick will want to prove the Bengals wrong. What better place to do it than in Dallas?

That just about covers the pros and cons of the Cowboys signing Dre Kirkpatrick to fill a need. What about Jamal Adams? The New York Jets and Jamal Adams see, to be in a contract dispute. If the two sides do not come to an agreement, Dallas would be a perfect place for him.

Should the Cowboys trade for Jamal Adams?

The New York Jets and Jamal Adams have been at odds for a while now. The issue stems from Adams not being happy with his contract. Adams has one season remaining on his current contract, is asking for an extension, and the management side of this ordeal seems to realize that they have bigger needs right now.

Adams is certainly one of – maybe THE best player on the roster. As one might expect, the Jets GM, Joe Douglas, is very happy to have him on their roster. In fact, according to ESPN, Douglas talks “Glowingly” about Adams. There were trade offers for the player last season, and nothing came of it. One would expect the asking price is at LEAST a first-round draft pick plus one or two more players. Adams has taken it upon himself to let the world know he’s unhappy via twitter. Perhaps the Cowboys should make a move to trade for him.

The following are the “Pros” and “cons” of a deal for Jamal Adams:

”Pros” of trading for Adams

  • Having Adams will improve the Cowboys at safety IMMENSELY. Adams can hit and will catch balls if in the right position.
  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Adams will add leadership to the Safety position with Donovan Wilson, Xavier Woods and Darian Thompson still being young.
  • At 24, Adams is still young.
  • On one side would be Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, on the other would be Jamal Adams.

With all the above information, it looks like the Cowboys SHOULD  ATTEMPT to trade for Adams, but there is also bad with the good.

“Cons” of trading for Adams

  • High asking price will cost the Cowboys a handful of players plus a first-round draft pick.
  • Adams wants a new contract and wants to stay in New York. The price for him likely is $15 million.
  • Seems to make a big fuss if he’s unhappy.

In theory, it looks like the positives outweigh the negatives for both. In reality, though, no single person can say for sure. Adams spends time in Texas during the off-season. Texas is home to him, and his skill could be used to teach the younger players who will join the team via the draft. On the flip side, he comes with a heavy price tag. For all we know, Kirkpatrick could as well. Perhaps the team is better left as is – doing so allows for more development. Should the Cowboys sign Dre Kirkpatrick? My answer is “no”. Should the Cowboys trade for Adams? My answer is “no”.

What do you feel the Dallas Cowboys should do? Leave a comment below.

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