Green Bay Packers: Top Three 2020 NFL Draft Needs

The Green Bay Packers played well in their first season under new Head Coach Matt LaFleur. There were many questions as to whether or not the relationship between him and quarterback Aaron Rodgers was going to work out.


The relationship worked out just fine for them. Rodgers is not getting any younger and it may be possible they draft a quarterback in the first or later rounds to develop.

Green Bay (13-3) lost in the NFC Championship Game last season to the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31-17. The Packers have not won the Super Bowl since Super Bowl XLIV against the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 31-25.

What that in mind, what do the Green Bay Packers need as well? Also, we here at IroniqMedia will examine the top 3 needs of all 32 teams. The next team will be covering is the Green Bay Packers.

Quarterback for the Future

Aaron Rodgers is 36 years old. He is potentially one injury away from his career-ending. Rodgers will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer one day and Green Bay will need to potentially find his replacement this offseason.

The Packers own the 30th pick in the NFL Draft this season. This guy won’t start this season unless Aaron Rodgers gets hurt. They would probably sit two to three years behind him before he is ready to start.

Jordan Love – Utah State

Love is 21 years old. Jordan Love might have the most upside out of any quarterback in this draft. He is very raw, but there are comparisons to Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Love has a very strong arm. He is a prototypical quarterback at 6’4″ 224 lbs. Jordan Love is going to need his mechanics fixed at the next level.

He is going to be a project like Daniel Jones was out of Duke University and Josh Allen was out of Wyoming.

Sitting behind Aaron Rodgers for a couple of years will do wonders for Love. He will also get good mentorship and coaching none the less with a very good organization.


Love makes some very good throws and he also did not have very good wide receivers at Utah State.

This could be a situation like Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes was in Kansas City with the Chiefs none the less.

Jake Fromm – Georgia

When he was a freshman at the University of Georgia, he led his team to the National Title Game against the University of Alabama. It was not his fault they lost the game.

Fromm has regressed every single year in college for some reason. Justin Fields and Jacob Eason had to transfer from Georgia because of Fromm. Jake Fromm is very good. He plays smart. Fromm also played in a prototypical offense at the University of Georgia.

The problem with him might be coaching. He is a game manager but Jake Fromm could break that habit at the next level. He could be more of an Alex Smith none the less.

Fromm is 21 years old. He is also 6’2″ and weighs 219 lbs. Jacob Fromm is very good at seeing the field, but throwing the deep ball could be a problem. If Fromm sat for a couple of seasons, he could benefit from it none the less.

Jacob Eason – Washington

If this were 10 years ago, it is very possible that Eason would be the first quarterback taken because of his pocket presence and accuracy. The issue with him is that he needs a strong offensive line, as most quarterbacks do none the less.

Jacob Eason transferred from Georgia to Washington. Eason is 6’6″ and weighs 231 lbs. He is also 21 years old. Jacob Eason is being compared to Carson Palmer.

Palmer was a very good pro. Eason takes bad sacks instead of throwing the ball away in timely situations. As long as he trusts his wide receivers at the next level to run the right routes and develops a little bit of pocket awareness, Jacob Eason could be a stud at the next level none the less.

Linebacker (especially at middle)

With the loss of Blake Martinez to the New York Giants in free agency, Green Bay is going to have to fill that void at middle linebacker none the less in the NFL Draft.


Kenneth Murray -Oklahoma

Kenneth Murray make tackles all over the field. The Green Bay Packers need someone up the middle at linebacker to rack up tackles. He also does not allow the big play to happen.

Murray is also very fast and athletic. He can also move laterally from sideline-to-sidelines none the less. That helps when you run a 4.52 40-yard dash at the NFL combine.

He is also very good in coverage and very good at diagnosing plays early on. Kenneth Murray is 6’2″ and he weighs 241 lbs.

Patrick Queen – LSU

Queen is a very talented linebacker at only 20 years old. He has the capability to be a starter in the NFL right away. If Green Bay does not draft him in the first round, he could potentially fall to the second round of the NFL Draft.

LSU has started to become a factory for the linebacker position, especially in the middle none the less. Patrick Queen’s starting career began all thanks to Devin White‘s questionable targeting call a few years ago against the University of Alabama. Queen is 6’ 0″ and weighs 229 lbs.

He is only going to get better with more reps. The question is, can White be a leader in the middle and fill in for Blake Martinez’s spot?

Akeem Davis-Gaither – Appalachian State

He is 6’1″ and weighs 224 lbs. Davis-Gaither is not projected to go in the first round, but a lock of mock drafts has Green Bay targeting him in the second round of the draft or the third round of the draft.

He is also 21 years old. Akeem Davis-Gaither is more of a pass rusher than a coverage guy. He will excel in hybrid defenses. Davis-Gaither may fit well in a 4-3 scheme with the Green Bay Packers. He would also fit well in a 3-4 none the less.

Akeem Davis-Gaither loves to wrack up tackles. That is what Green Bay is looking for in their linebacker position none the less. He also blitzes and Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine loves to blitz.

Wide Receiver

Other than Davante Adams, what else do they really have on the outside? They lost Geronimo Allison to the Detroit Lions in free agency.


Allen Lazard and Marques Valdes-Scantling is not the answer at the number two receiver moving forward.

Denzel Mims – Baylor

At 22 years old, Mims is going up the draft rankings in a deep wide receiver draft class none the less. He is 6’3″ and weighs 203 lbs. Denzel Mims is a speedster. He ran a 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds. Mims is also a red zone threat.

His speed also makes him dangerous. Mims could be one of the steals in the draft. He is also one of those wide receivers that hate facing press coverage. Denzel Mims needs to get stronger at that none the less.

Otherwise, he has potential in the NFL to be a solid number two wide receiver. As a number one, it remains to be seen none the less. Some people seem to question his competitive nature. That could be a reason why he slips in the draft none the less.

Denzel Mims drops way too many passes. He could maybe be another Breshad Perriman, but time will tell none the less.

Jalen Reagor – TCU

In a rich wide receiver draft class, some people may take a flyer on Reagor in the later first round and maybe even in the second round. Jalen Reagor is also another fast wide receiver and his 40-yard dash at the NFL combine was 4.47 seconds.

Reagor’s dad played in the NFL for eight seasons. His name is Montae. He played on the defensive line. As for Jalen, he also returned kickoffs.

Reagor and Davante Adams would be a nice one-two punch to have at wide receiver week in and week out. Jalen Reagor would be the speed demon. As for Adams, he could be the big-play threat down the field and Adams could be used more as a possession wide receiver and use Reagor as a home run threat none the less down the field. He is 5’11” and weighs 194 lbs.

KJ Hamler – Penn State

Hamler will not be a first-round pick, but he will be taken in the second round or the third round none the less.

K.J. Hamler is 5’9″ and weighs 178 lbs. He is going to be more of a speed slot wide receiver. Hamler is being compared to Tavon Austin. He is only 21 years old.

K.J. Hamler runs excellent routes for his size. He can also return kickoffs and punts none the less. Hamler is a game-breaker. His size could be a problem in the long run.

K.J. Hamler has a habit of hearing footsteps whenever a big linebacker or safety is ready to nail him. He could be like what Randal Cobb once was coming into the league for Aaron Rodgers none the less.

Hamler also needs to work on his route-running skills. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf also had route running issues out of college from Ole Miss, but he is much bigger and stronger than K.J. Hamler is.

Hamler is one of those players that can be developed right in the right system none the less. He has the ability to juke you out and miss like Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

K.J. Hamler could be one of the steals in the draft none the less and it will be interesting to see where he lands. Hamler is only 20 years old. He has a lot of room to improve none the less.

What do you feel is the top need for the Green Bay Packers? Leave a comment below.

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