Opinion: Lacey Evans Is The Champion WWE Needs

WWE has the best talent in the wrestling business. Wrestlers from all around the world have found their way to WWE eventually. From New Japan to Ring Of Honor – Impact Wrestling and more. No matter the company, WWE finds them and signs them. Whether or not this is a positive remains to be seen. However, one talent stands out more than the other signings over the last few years. That wrestler is Lacey Evans

Evans has been on the main roster for a year or so and has made quite a mark. Evans has gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and is now on a journey to face Bayley on the biggest show of the year. In just over a week, there will be a “Fatal 5-way” with Evans, Banks, Bayley, Tamina, and Naomi fighting for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Evans has a massive chance here and she deserves to win. Here’s why:

Lacey Evans Background

Evans spent five years in the U.S. Marines and she says it was her “saving grace”. Because of her upbringing, Evans says she went to join the Marines as soon as she could. Not only did she perform well, but she was also the top in her class. She graduated with honors from Fort William Wood in Missouri before serving as military police and a member of the Special Reaction Team, a group responsible for security at bases when they’re under terrorist threats or hostage situations. An expert shot, she graduated as the company’s highest-ranked shooter out of boot camp.

As if we needed more reasons to love her, she did so in a male-dominated Company. You can see more here. If she will put all of her energy into being a member of the Marines, she will give everything she has to bring prestige to the title and to entertaining the fans.

Using Positivity In Effort To Change The World

Despite everything Evans has faced, she still has a smile, she still tries to bring positivity to others. In this crazy world we live in, Evans is doing everything she can to help others. From Military Makeover to moments with fans in general, she has the makings of a champion. With her website, Evans has a place where fans can tell her their stories. Once she finds one that moves her, she will go help that person.

In terms of wrestling, Evans can also change the (wrestling) world and bring some positivity. She brings a confident and strong personality to the women’s wrestling scene. Furthermore, we’ve seen Bayley and Naomi as champion. As difficult as it is to say, we’ve also seen Sasha Banks as champion. Not to discredit Tamina, but Evans would be a fresh face. Not only that, but she can also work with people who aren’t usually given a chance.

A Changing Of The Guard

SmackDown was once called “The land of opportunity”. With Evans as champion, that’s exactly what fans will see – A new face with a strong and confident demeanor. Additionally, WWE could use her character to her advantage. A classy lady that can fight won’t just sit around. A Marine veteran won’t just sit around. Evans as champion means the WWE can build her and others up simultaneously.

Whether it’s fair or unfair, WWE is often criticized for not building new stars. Lacey Evans has a nice résumé at the moment. Lining up the show’s top competition against her will build said résumé. Additionally, seeing Evans defeat all the strong women WWE lines up adds to her reputation. A little positivity goes a long way. With a woman who refuses to quit, the division will be even more entertaining.

Final Thoughts

WWE seems to feel like bringing in UFC stars will make the company more “legitimate”. To an extent, WWE is absolutely correct in that regard. However, there are people from all walks of life working to bring in the desired legitimacy. Lacey Evans is the perfect example of the “non-traditional” wrestling star. As a United States Marine, Evans learned to be more confident and disciplined. She learned to be more mentally tough, and a whole lot more. And, if given the opportunity, she won’t be afraid to take on any challenge.

What are your thought of Lacey Evans as the next face of WWE? Leave a comment below.

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