NBA: What Is the Next Move for the Association Post-Shutdown?

The NBA shut down its season on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe and many fans are wondering what the Association should do when or if it returns.

Jump into the headliner

There are a few options the NBA should consider. Let’s take a gander at the options regarding the short-term future of the sport.

NBA fans love the playoffs and probably wouldn’t mind it if the sport canceled the rest of the regular season and hopped into the postseason.

Let’s face it every fan, player, coach, and owner associated with the NBA knows who the good teams are and should understand it if the sport tried to get on track with ratings by going straight to playoff basketball.

From exciting first-round playoff series to the NBA Finals –where dynasties and legacies are made, it makes sense for the NBA to get ready for postseason play.

A quick buffer

Another option on the table is playing about five regular-season games just so players are back in the swing of things and don’t have to deal with the playoff pressure right out of the gate.

It makes sense to do this simply because we don’t know how many players on playoff teams would be in great physical shape prior to the NBA resuming play.

It might be a downer for fans since they probably want the postseason to start asap, but owners and coaches need to protect their players.

I wouldn’t hate this idea, but like many of you, I would rather watch the playoffs start once the shutdown ends.

Tournament time

One idea floating around out there is that the NBA could hold a tournament in Las Vegas, which would eventually end with the NBA Finals.

The more thought I give to it, the more it makes too much sense to shrug off.

It’s a good thought for a few reasons.

1.) Fans would get to see the best teams and players participate in a playoff-type atmosphere and would get to see a 2019-20 champion.

2.) It would kick start new ideas with regards to shortening the NBA season/playoffs.

3.) The tourney would give fans some of that March Madness buzz that was lost due to the shutdown of sports.

Call it quits

The last option the NBA wants to consider is canceling the remainder of the 2019-20 campaign, but it has to be in consideration the more the virus hangs around.

A big issue when thinking about resuming the season has to be whether or not the 2020-21 season can start on time.

Imagine being a player and going all out once the 2019-20 resumes (let’s guess and say the season comes back in mid-June and wraps up in mid-July). Would you want to take two months off and then get ready for another full season?

The answer: probably not.

It’s hard to fathom not having the NBA playoffs this year, but the more this pandemic drags along, the more sports will have to stay closed to the public or stay postponed/canceled.

What should the NBA do with the remainder of its season? Leave a comment below.

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