Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

Comic book movies are all the rage right now. They’re even starting to do niche comic stories like Eternals which most comic lovers don’t normally read. I don’t see this trend dying anytime soon with Marvel president saying he has plans for movies till 2024. Along with DC and their movies as well.

What other studios not named Disney have rights to are video games. Just like early comic book movies, most of the ones being made up to this point aren’t that good. 

However, that has started to change. The box office success of Sonic (143 million domestic/300 million worldwide) may be the start of what Iron Man was to Marvel. Sonic does have its flaws but I think it’s good enough to make sequels and at least movies.

If you consider Detective Pikachu a video game movie, it has the highest Rotten Tomato rating of any at 69%. What both of these movies have in common is how they have managed to make the main characters look good with real-life humans. 

There are some big movies already in the works. There’s Uncharted (starring Tom Holland), another attempt at Mortal Kombat which has James Wan (Director of Aquaman) as a producer. The Halo series which has also been in production since 2013, started production last fall and will premiere in 2021. Stephen Spielberg as a producer as well. A Mario movie is due out in 2022. If that is successful, then other Nintendo properties like Kirby and Metroid will be made.


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This movie could have a Rambo/Predator type feel with it and the main characters dealing with just one enemy. Instead of getting big names like The Rock along with John Cena for this movie, it would be better to put the money into the writing and get lesser-known actors. 


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A Netflix animated movie was supposed to happen but it was scrapped. For a live-action movie, this should be made after many successful video game movies so it can have the proper budget. Just like Infinity War/Endgame with the MCU.

Red Dead Redemption 

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Westerns are easy to make for Hollywood. This game is very popular inside the game community. Also, outside of the gaming community for its controversy that started the “video games makes people violent” notion. 

Splinter Cell

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There was supposed to be a Splinter Cell movie. Tom Hardy was attached to be Sam Fished but he has said that he dropped the movie to make The Revenant. Since then, the movie has been shelved. I may be biased with this pick because it is one of my favorite gaming franchises. With properties like 24, Mission Impossible and even the Bond franchise, it would be hard for a movie like to succeed.  

Are there any video game movies you would like to see? Leave a comment saying so.

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