MLB: How Many Games Should be Played this Season?

With all sports on delay right now due to the COVID 19 epidemic, a lot of people are just spending time with their families and chilling out. One of the most interesting things is sports fans are just trying to figure out when sports are going to resume again. MLB Opening Day was supposed to begin on Thursday, March 26. With the coronavirus outbreak, the MLB thought they were going to be able to start games maybe in the middle of May. Now, we don’t exactly know if they are actually going to start then as well.


If the season doesn’t begin until then or June, how many games should the MLB play this season?

The answer should be no more than 120-125 games. Baseball should not be played in late November and early December. It will most likely be too cold outside to play games. With having no games played in April and potentially May, at least 40 games on the schedule are already lost.

There should be some doubleheaders scheduled this season. If the MLB decides to reschedule all of the games on the schedule for some reason and they should not, then doubleheaders will be essential.

We will see what happens none the less. A 120-125 games season is going to benefit teams that get out to faster starts. The reason why is because it will be much tougher to climb out of the basement this season.

The MLB season is usually a marathon and not a sprint. With that being said, younger teams that get off to faster starts will not be as prone to collapsing later in the season. It is going to be interesting to see what happens none the less.

We don’t know how much longer the country is going to have to be self quarantined for. Hopefully, the entire MLB season isn’t canceled. If for some strange reason the entire MLB season was canceled, what could potentially happen to contracts across baseball?

I am not exactly sure what happens, but could it mean another year of Mookie Betts in Los Angeles instead of him being a free agent? I have not seen baseball games canceled before. However, the last time baseball had events canceled was during the middle of the 1994 season. I don’t think baseball fans would want to see the 2020 season canceled.

People are basically dying for sports at this point in time. If the playing conditions are safe eventually, when could baseball return? Would it possible to play baseball with just no fans all season in long in the ballpark? Would teams mind having their fans come to the ballpark if this virus died down?

It will be interesting to see when the curve will flatten. It may not be for several weeks until we see any sports again in the United States of America. But for right now, we have to appreciate the downtime that we have to ourselves none the less.

If there are more than 120-125 games of baseball this season, then it is more about the money than the actual timing of the games itself.

When do you think baseball will start this season and how many games will they play? Leave a comment below.

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