NFL Free Agency- Top 5 Under the Radar Moves

Is it just me, or is this the most insane free agency we’ve seen in a while? I mean Deandre Hopkins heading to Arizona? Or what about Tom Brady not going back to New England? When I watch what is happening during the off-season, I can honestly say I never thought it would turn out this way. These players are the ones who have made a very high impact on the field but for some reason couldn’t stay with their old teams. But everyone already knows about the big name signings, so why not give credit to the guys who have signed their new contracts, can make an impact needed for their teams, and possibly bring them farther in the season than before. Here are the top five under the radar signings in this free agency period.

Joe Schobert to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Schobert is a very talented player, but being on the Brown’s may have hurt his popularity throughout the league a bit. He was a gifted linebacker for Cleveland, having racked up 133 tackles, 89 solo, two forced fumbles, four interceptions, and nine passes defended. And he also knows how to become one of the NFL’s most elite linebackers like K.J. Wright, but he needs someone who can coach him into the star player he is destined to be. And now he is headed to a team with a linebacking group led by Myles Jack, this is just the spot for Schobert to break out into a superstar player.

Malcolm Jenkins back to the New Orleans Saints

Drafted by the Saints in 2009, winning his first super bowl ring, safety Malcolm Jenkins is headed back to where his career began just 11 years ago. Now considering he is 32 at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up retiring after his contract is up in New Orleans. However, with such a talented free agent coming back to help the team who helped him win a super bowl ring, it shows that he has pride in what he does. Most people may overlook Jenkins due to the fact that he is 32 years old and not getting younger. Jenkins still has the physicality to be a great match-up with any receiver downfield, but don’t get me wrong he can get outmuscled if not playing to his strengths.

Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills

Now in this one, it’s not really the player that’s under the radar, but more the team. Buffalo is a young team and having made it to the playoffs last season, have the players and staff capable of being the next AFC dynasty, but they still have a decent amount of holes they need to fill before wearing the crown. Enter Diggs, a player who is capable of putting in 110% effort every play from start to finish, and can be a very big weapon to use if given the chances. Diggs is coming from Minnesota where he was viewed as a number two receiver behind superstar receiver Adam Theilen. Diggs said it right out the gate he wants to go somewhere he can be viewed as a number one receiver, and Buffalo couldn’t have been any less of the best fit for him.

James Bradberry to the New York Giants

Bradberry is a free agent CB that comes to New York to help out a struggling Giants secondary. With only DeAndre Baker as their only decent cornerback, bringing in Bradberry is going to be a huge help to the team. Now Bradberry is no Stephon Gilmore or Jaire Alexander, but he does have what it takes to lock up any receiver if he can learn their play style by the end of the first quarter. Bradberry is coming from Carolina who had zero help on the back end last year except for Eric Reid. So coming into a team with another talented corner should help lift the unneeded weight off his shoulders to allow him to blossom into the superstar corner he can be.

Darqueze Dennard to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville a few years back was figured to have the best group of cornerbacks in the NFL. And after trading A.J. Bouye to the Denver Broncos for a fourth-round pick, they knew they needed to find someone to help them out. Dennard is a very under the radar player because he shows the potential, but can’t keep the momentum flowing. If he can just show the Jaguars that he can keep up with the other team’s top receiving threat, I could see him earning a nice paycheck in his next free agent rodeo.

Plenty of options, and plenty of talents to exploit this offseason. But if these five free agency signing can prove their worth to their new teams, they could be looking at an even bigger payday next off-season. I am hoping at least one of these players turns into a breakout player and can show the league his true potential, whether they are old or young. And can prove to their fan bases, that they do have what it takes to be an elite player.

Do you have any under the radar signings from free agency other than these? Leave a comment below.

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