NFL: Three Teams Who Should Go After Cam Newton via Trade

With NFL free agency going bananas, we can’t forget about the major moves being made via trades. With that being said Carolina is allowing QB Cam Newton to seek a trade and I know three teams who should try to get him.

New England Patriots

The Pats currently have Jarrett Stidham as their No. 1 quarterback, which doesn’t get anybody excited.

Therefore, the Pats have to look into a package and find a way to land Newton.

If they invest in the o-line, Cam should be able to play and be more of a factor this season.


He still has a big arm and can make plays with his legs. The Patriots need to get creative in order to boost their QB situation, which may not get fixed through the NFL Draft.

Plus, this would be a good opportunity for Cam, since he would be in a winning atmosphere.

How else are the Pats going to find a good QB? Exactly, they should go after Mr. Newton.

The Pats have approximately $9 million in cap room.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Bolts have to look into options and clearly Tyrod Taylor isn’t a good Plan B, especially when you compare him to Cam.

I know every team has different restrictions because of the cap, but the Chargers are definitely a team that needs some buzz before entering a new stadium this season.

Austin Ekeler, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry, and Keenan Allen are playmakers and would help alleviate some of the pressure Cam could be feeling by joining a new franchise.

Cam would be a great fit and would add energy to the Chargers that they have been looking for over the years.

The Bolts have about $40 million in cap space.

Denver Broncos

Let’s be honest no one is saying, “John Elway and the Broncos absolutely have to keep Drew Lock. It would be downright stupid to go with another QB.”

With that being said, there’s no shame in Denver making a trade proposal with Carolina for Cam.

First of all, the Broncos need a QB. Second of all, the Broncos chased after a future Hall of Fame signal-caller in Peyton Manning and had success.

Are the Broncos sure that they can get a good QB prospect in the draft? Or in free agency?

Then, clearly they have to see how good they can be with Cam Newton, who is only 30-years old.

Honorable mentions

Las Vegas Raiders

This would be wild in some respect since it appears as though Jon Gruden and the Raiders are content with Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota behind center in 2020.

However, we’ve seen the silver and black make big moves in recent years, whether it’s trading for Antonio Brown or signing tackle Trent Brown.

Miami Dolphins

Cam Newton might enjoy this opportunity since the Dolphins are heading in the right direction.

Yes, Miami might take a QB in this year’s draft, but that doesn’t mean that QB will or should be thrown into the fire in his first season.

There’s nothing wrong with the Phins sitting a young QB behind Cam for a year and then shipping Cam to a new destination in 2021.

It doesn’t appear as though Josh Rosen will be a long-term fixture in Miami. The Dolphins also had Ryan Fitzpatrick under center last season.

Where do you think Cam Newton will end up getting traded? Leave a comment below.

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