NFL Draft: Three Ways Fans can Enjoy the 2020 NFL Draft

Even though the NFL Draft will still be televised, fans won’t be able to attend and all public draft events have been canceled due to the concerns over the coronavirus. On top of that, the NFL Draft won’t be in Las Vegas, either.

There are a few ways fans can still enjoy the draft experience and even though it can’t be in-person, fun times can still be on the table.

Follow along with players

One option could be fans following their favorite college player and see what they see during the NFL Draft process. But, that’s not all.


Fans should be able to communicate with players whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook Live or Twitch.

Why can’t fans have the option to see what Joe Burrow or Chase Young see as they wait to be selected?

Fans and players can share workouts and different health topics that are important.

Maybe a friendly competition takes place where fans play games with players, whether it’s staring challenge or bet which team will select them.

For example, if a fan says, “Hey, Chase (Young) I think the New York Giants will take you in the draft.” And, then Young says, “No, I doubt it. I wouldn’t be shocked if I wind up in Washington.”

Then, if Young is wrong he could send the fan two tickets to see his training camp experience or something of that ilk.

Guess for success

Another way the NFL can gain fan involvement is through video feedback.

Fans could submit a mock draft before the actual draft takes place and for every pick, they get right they can receive a gift card, game tickets or another reward.

This way the NFL gets fan feedback and fans can have some fun with the draft process as well.

NFL fans don’t have to go overboard when trying to be a part of the draft experience, but there could be several options.


Who doesn’t like going on YouTube and checking out neat videos and live streams?

The NFL Draft on YouTube makes sense.

Now with that being said, fans posting comments and sportscasters reading and replying to them could provide nice entertainment.

The NFL could do something where they have TV personalities voice their opinions and chat with fanatics about different things about the draft.

Topics that they could discuss should include:

-Exact workouts players do to get in great shape

-Maybe have fans do live reactions with guys like Mel Kiper, Jr. for example and talk about the pick afterward

-How teams separate needs from wants and how to proceed properly

-When should team X think about making trades

-Under the radar college players

-What it takes to make a draft broadcast special, how are things set up?

Of course, the NFL may already be thinking of new ways to keep fans engaged and a part of the NFL Draft experience, but it doesn’t hurt to be ahead of the curve.

What do you think the NFL should do about getting fans hooked to the draft? Leave a comment below.

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