New England Patriots: Top 3 Contenders to Be the New Quarterback

As of March 17th, 2020, the New England Patriots have let their former franchise quarterback Tom Brady walk away to find a new team.  Currently, the team that is front-running for Brady is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Patriots are now left with a very important decision, do they want to continue to contend, or start over from scratch.  In this article, I will be going over the top 3 free agent fits for the Patriots starting QB, as well as other options for them to go down.


Cam Newton

Cam Newton is one of the most interesting stories this offseason with all of the things surrounding him.  He’s coming off an injury last season, so we are not sure his level of play will be as high as it has been in prior seasons.  Cam is a former MVP, OPOY, 3-time pro bowl QB, and OROY, so clearly he has been an amazing quarterback in his career prior to injuries.  He has been to a Superbowl, despite them losing, it is still a major achievement for that team and shows he can lead. He would possibly spark a new era in New England with a mobile quarterback and starting a new system with their younger players.  Cam would bring a lot to the Patriot’s locker room with his fierce play and play to win temper, which is exactly what the Patriots desire.

Cam has been recently talking with the Panthers, and the Panthers said they are “allowing” him to look for trades.  However, Cam Newton had something else to say on his twitter:

“Stop the wordplay!! I never asked for it!! There is no dodging this one; I love the Panthers to death and will always love you guys!! Please do not try and play me, or manipulate the narrative and act like I wanted this; you forced me into this!!”

This goes to show that he won’t be sticking around long, also with the Carolina Panthers signing former New Orleans Saints QB Teddy Bridgewater, it is over for his run with the Panthers.  The likely scenario for the Patriots acquiring the veteran quarterback is after a meeting they either do a small trade package to ensure they get him or wait for him to become a free agent.  


Andy Dalton

From what I have seen so far, Bengals QB Andy Dalton wants out of Cincinnati.  This also seems to be a fluctuating idea for the Patriots, it would be a low-risk trade for the most part if played correctly.  Dalton has not been an insanely good quarterback without weapons, however, he also is not that bad in all realism. He keeps the ball in the team’s possession, even if it’s incomplete.  

This option would likely be if the New England Patriots are looking to send the team into a temporary rebuild via the draft and free agency.  If the Patriots are looking to contend this coming year, they would have to be surrounding Dalton with some innovative talents.  

The Bengals have expressed interest in trading Dalton, and urgency to do so is getting more and more prominent.  This is because it is likely that the Bengals will draft LSU QB Joe Burrow in the NFL draft, which would leave Dalton on the bench.  A trade for Andy would likely be a low round pick or two in exchange, which could be worth it as the Patriots need someone to hold down the fort for a while.

Jacoby Brissett

This signing would be almost self-explanatory in why it should happen.  Jacoby Brissett, a former Patriot, knows the system, playbook, and coaching staff for the most part.  He may not be the best option for the Patriots “new” quarterback as he isn’t new to the system at all, which may work in the Patriots favor.  He is also on a one year contract, which would help if the Patriots decide to move elsewhere after this year and draft someone possibly.  Brissett now has a year of experience as well at starting QB, gaining knowledge of the playstyle he looks to incorporate into teams.  


Brissett’s game is relatively similar to that of Tom Brady’s, short-medium range passing, and he learned behind Brady for a few years.  This fit would be perfect if the New England Patriots are just looking to get by until they can draft some talent in the coming years. Having Brissett would be a solid acquisition, and the Colts likely wouldn’t want much for him.  If they did, the Patriots could just wait until either the Colts find a QB they like and release Jacoby or draft a QB for this year and use Brissett next year when he isn’t on contract with the Indianapolis Colts anymore.  

(Extra Option) NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft is one filled with primarily QBs and WRs, and most talent comes in the forms of these positions (aside from those like Chase Young).  This draft could include someone who could be the Patriots new quarterback, and Jordan Love is the primary candidate I have seen floating around in mock drafts. Despite the Patriot’s need and want for a receiver, it may be in their best interest to get a QB now and worry about the other skill positions later.  The Patriots do already have N’Keal Harry around to test out this season so having Jordan Love throwing to him may be interesting.

Who do you think should be the next QB of the New England Patriots? Leave a comment below.

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