Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper Will Return Next Season

Arguably, two of the biggest names on the radar of the Dallas Cowboys will return next season. Over the last few hours, the Cowboys have put the “Franchise Tag” on Dak Prescott and signed Amari Cooper to a massive contract. And, believe it or not, this will be a blessing for the Dallas Cowboys. Cooper and Prescott have both been vital to the Cowboys offense.


Whether fans realize it or not, Cooper makes Prescott better. With his ability to make plays, speed, and all-around vision, Cooper has given Prescott a safety net. Not only that but with Cooper in the lineup, there will be a more reliable source of information. Fans, management, and media saw an improved quarterback in Prescott. As he remains in the lineup and gets experience, it’s not a stretch to think that Cooper could also help improve the awareness and decision making of the young quarterback. Furthermore, the skills and chemistry on the offense will continue to improve. Cooper is the kind of player that makes everyone better. With Jason Witten leaving the team once again, this is one name that the younger players on the roster can count on. Not only that, but the young players can also learn how to act and behave off the field. With Cooper, Prescott has a solid number one receiver and a loyal teammate.

Cooper Shows Loyalty To Cowboys

Loyalty very much seems like a lost art in sports. Once Free Agency comes along, players go where the money is. With football being the way it is, going for the money may not be the worst idea. A player never knows how long their career will last. One false move or big hit could spell the end. In the Cowboys’ case, Byron Jones and Randall Cobb took the money and ran. Obviously there is more to it than that, but Cooper showed loyalty and turned down bigger money to stay.

CBS Sports reported Cooper turned down $110 million to stay. Loyalty, a good mind for the game, and speed coupled with great hands make Cooper an asset. As mentioned above, he can also help Prescott and develop a stronger rapport.

Cooper’s Reputation Could Help Bring Dez Bryant In

Cooper staying could be the ticket to big things for the Cowboys. With rumors that Dez Bryant could be returning, a one-two punch of this magnitude would be fun to watch. Though there is one thing to note – Bryant hasn’t gone opposite an NFL defender in a game since he played in New Orleans. An upside to this is there is still a ton of time to work on chemistry.

Regardless of the Coronavirus causing “social distancing”, it won’t last forever. If Bryant were to return, the three players have ample time to develop chemistry. Cooper would be an asset here. An article posted in 2018 gives light on the initial trade from Oakland to Dallas. Cooper said, “I don’t know how to feel about it”. The Cowboys kept faith in him and he rewarded them with loyalty just hours ago. Who’s to say he won’t help Prescott develop even further? Which brings us to the next point:

Why is Dak Prescott important to the Cowboys?

Prescott Franchise Tag Signifies Hope

It’s no secret to any Cowboys fan (or NFL fan) that the team hasn’t been much to watch since the 1990s. However, there has been progress since then. Here’s a bit of truth: the mix of talent that brought the team success back then – we’ll, it can’t be replicated.


Dak Prescott is a great quarterback, but he will never be Troy Aikman. Ezekiel Elliott is a great running back, but Emmitt Smith was better. Amari Cooper is great, but Michael Irvin is a totally different player. The biggest difference between that version of the Cowboys and now – this version of the Cowboys seems to be a running team.

But, Prescott brings hope to the team.  With an arm like his and his speed, the Cowboys have a dual-threat quarterback. As indicated by his first two seasons, he can throw and run with the best of them. But, in looking at the stats, decision making is a weak spot. Nevertheless, Prescott and the talent around him bring hope to the team. Weapons like Jarwin, Cooper, Gallup, and Elliott give Prescott a chance to succeed.

Success doesn’t come from one player. This team will have to rely on each other to duplicate the success of old. Mike McCarthy is where success starts. Jerry Jones, McCarthy, Prescott, and the ‘boys are close. Perhaps all that is missing is mixing and matching skills. Cooper, Elliott, Prescott and the rest just need to develop a bit more.

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