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Jen Ledger brings a unique sound, voice, and feel to the music scene. A member of the band Skillet since 2008, Ledger has developed a fan base on her own due to her infectious attitude and seemingly fun-loving personality. Not only that, but Ledger’s transparency is admirable. Even though she has a smile that can light up the darkest of rooms, she has been transparent with anxiety. In an interview she did eleven months ago, Ledger touched on anxiety she has felt just auditioning for the band and more.

March of 2018 saw a surprise from Ledger. Billboard not only announced that she had signed a solo recording contract, but that an EP would be released the following month. Being totally transparent here, one thing should be known. The Ledger EP was – and still is – a work of art. Here are some notable songs on the EP and some thoughts:

The Ledger EP Most Notable Songs

1) “Not Dead Yet” – The short little snippet of what I hope will be a full album soon, well, it didn’t disappoint  “Not Dead Yet” is a personal song for her. From start to finish you see her battle with fear and anxiety. In fact, the video depicts a fight between Ledger and what looks like a UFC fighter symbolizing her internal battle with fear. Fear of going on stage that she’s experienced, fear she’s “just not good enough” and more. This song is beautiful it speaks a lot of truth and gives a tiny glimpse of the beautiful spirit she has.

2} “Warrior” (featuring John Cooper from Skillet) – This song can be summed up in one word: “Wow!” Now, this song seems to have a different meaning to me than Ledger. Ledger sings about another battle of some kind. Listening to the song, it kind of seems as if it’s about anxiety or fear from the “enemy” saying she’s not good enough. The beat is upbeat and empowering- I must admit – the lyrics are as well. “Never give up, never bow down  I will die before I bow”. Enough said.

3) “Bold” – This one, again, speaks directly to the side of me that may need a bit more motivation. It mentions being bold (obviously) and looking at one’s self. It mentions being strong in the face of a challenge. Yet again, the words hit pretty heavily and the beat works very well with the song.

Other Notable Songs On Ledger’s EP

There are three songs on this EP where she talks about knowing who she is, why she fights for everything she wants, and why she’s conquered as much as she has. Those songs are called “Foreigner” talks about conquering life day-by-day and keeping her faith. Finally, “Ruins” and “Iconic” also talk about her faith.

Not only are those songs part of her musical repertoire, but Ledger has also released “Completely” and her newest single “My Arms”. In a world where everything is politicized, she somehow remains positive. In a world where everything also offends or scares people, she reminds her listeners where they can find safety.

Jen Ledger
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My Connection With Ledger’s Music

I have always been a person that gravitates toward attitude. Attitude is everything, as the saying goes. For me, it’s definitely the case. I have Spina Bifida, and with it, life can get pretty challenging. With that in mind, I have always gravitated toward people with a positive attitude and sports that required some sort of “fight” to achieve a goal. This is why all I talk about is hockey and wrestling. Somehow, I can see and feel the struggle those people go through to make it.

An interesting fact, I grew up loving Country Music. I didn’t listen to the typical stuff – it would always be something that I felt I related to. Then it all changed for me when I started watching wrestling a bit more. I heard all types of music, but rock music got my blood pumping. Hearing Kid Rock in the middle of the original Texas Stadium is what changed my mind. It was one of my favorite songs that I was introduced to by WWE. Ironically, and it was a Dallas Cowboys game that completed my love for rock music.

Regardless, wrestling will be linked to my love for Skillet and Jen Ledger music. About 10 years ago, Skillet had been used in video games and theme music for the shows. Not only that, but there was a video tribute to my all-time favorite wrestler The Undertaker using a Skillet song. And, you can see Skillet perform WWE RAW’s theme every Monday night.

Music Unites And Helps Us

As I transitioned from one primary care physician to another, I was asked to undergo an MRI and other tests. This scared me. I had six surgeries at that point (two years ago. Maybe more now) – I thought for sure I’d be headed for another. I turned on some Skillet Music as a way to relax my mind beforehand, and that’s when I realized that this positivity is what my heart needed at the time. And, as it turns out, my number of surgeries still stands at six right now. Others with my same physical limitation/challenge would have 30-82 by the time they reach my age. I give credit to Jen Ledger and Skillet for keeping me calm during those tests. I still listen to them to calm my nerves any time I have to go for those tests. Obviously, music helps others with challenges as well, but that is how the music resonates with me.

Final Thoughts

Everything happens for a reason. You can conquer all the challenges ahead of you. Music like this can help a person see that a little positivity goes a long way. And, most of all, music like this can unite people despite color, religion, or political affiliation. Based on everything I’ve learned from the music I’ve heard by her, one thing is clear. The world needs a little more positivity. The world needs more Jen Ledger music.

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