NFL: Five Pre-Draft Trades That Would Shock the League

With the 2020 NFL Draft approaching fast, many teams are trying to figure out how they want to sign a player who can change their team from a pretender to a contender. But what some teams aren’t looking at is how the players already on an NFL team can contribute to the outcome of the team’s season. Players are always looking for a new team if they feel they aren’t being used the right way in their current team. A lot of players want to get out of their situation, but these are the top five that must happen.


Stefon Diggs to the Tennessee Titans for Corey Davis and a Second Round Draft Pick

Stefon Diggs is looking to get out of Minnesota, and honestly, this trade seems good just thinking about it. Diggs is looking for a team who will view him as a wide receiver one option. While the Titans have A.J Brown as a good receiver, it wouldn’t hurt to have another threat at the position. The Vikings rely on Theilen more than they should and it hurts Diggs stats cause he can be a threat if put into a system that will use him as one. Corey Davis also would be a nice weapon for Kirk Cousins as a short to medium route runner and can also be a good runner on sweep plays. The second-round pick is just to give some added sugar to an already sweet deal. but if you think a second is too high, you could change it to a third if you wanted.

Trent Williams to the Miami Dolphins for a First Round Pick

When healthy, Williams is one of the best offensive tackles in the league, but “when healthy” is the key. Williams is 31 years old so it makes sense that he may suffer an injury every year. But with Miami having three first-round picks this year, and needing as much help as they can get, Williams is a nice addition to the team while they continue to look for a long-term starter. Williams can get out of Washington as he wants, Miami can boast their offensive line, and Washington can get another first-round draft pick to help their team grow as well. It’s a win-win-win.

Robert Woods to the New England Patriots for a Third-Round Draft Pick

The Patriots, desperately need help in the wide receiver department. With Julian Edelman being their only consistent receiver, it’s time for them to address one of their positions of need this off-season. Tom Brady could be on his way out after 20 seasons with the Patriots, so they need to find a new QB in the draft, and focus on a receiver in free agency. And since the Los Angeles Rams already have Robert Woods as their number one receiver, and speed demon Brandin Cooks opposite, it wouldn’t hurt them to grab a decent pick in the draft and give up a receiver who can thrive in a change of scenery.


Kenyan Drake to the Detroit Lions for Kerryon Johnson and a Fourth Round Pick

Drake is definitely a top 10 running back in the league, and Johnson is a top 15. So add in a fourth-round pick, and you could potentially have a decent pre-draft trade offer. Both teams have not been to the playoffs in a good amount of time to why not try something different? See how these two players could do in a different system. Maybe in a year or two, these teams could meet up in the playoffs if they can get their teams situated and have players to thrive in a system that isn’t working for the players in them right now.

Odell Beckham Jr. to the Las Vegas Raiders for a 2020 First Round and a 2021 Third Round

Now clearly this one is the least likely to happen, but if it did, wow would that be a shocker. Beckham got out of New York where he was relied on a lot, only to go to Cleveland, and not be able to put up the same numbers with the amount of talent that was around him in the skills positions. Enter, the Raiders, a team who is looking desperately for a number one wide receiver and Beckham just might be the guy. Carr would finally have a reliable target, Beckham could put up the numbers he expects, and the Raiders don’t have to worry about drafting a receiver who has no NFL experience and cannot tell what will happen. The only downside would be the money Oakland will have the pay Beckham for his contract.

Now, most or all of these may not happen, but if they did, then that would really make things electric in the NFL, especially for the media. What would you like to see happen for a trade pre-draft? Or do you have any ideas that would make my trades even sweeter? Let me know in the comments below.

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