Tampa Bay Vipers: Three Duds vs the LA Wildcats

The Tampa Bay Vipers fell to 1-4 last night. They lost to the LA Wildcats 41-34 after having an 18 point lead at halftime. The Vipers had three turnovers in their favor in the first half. It looked like they were going to roll to their second straight win. Then the second half happened, and they had three turnovers and the Wildcats took advantage. In the end, the Vipers should be 4-1, not 1-4. The mistakes continue to pile up and that’s why they are where they are. Those mistakes are turnovers and penalties. Many will say that it is the coaching which last night you could point the finger at. I believe that they were too conservative in the second half after having a big lead. That is not what happened the previous week against the D.C. Defenders. With five games left changes need to be made.


Jaime Elizondo – Dud

We all know that the Tampa Bay Vipers have the best rushing attack in the XFL. In the game against the Wildcats, they had 142 yards. In the first half, the game the Vipers used it to pick up chunks of yards. This helped Taylor Cornelius not have to throw the ball. In the end, the Vipers had 292 yards passing. It looked like the Vipers should have rolled away with the game. For some reason, in the second half, the Wildcats adjusted and were able to slow down the running game. I am not saying the passing game wasn’t affected but adjustments should have been made. Since the double pass is allowed in the XFL use it throwing something at them they are not expecting. The offense looked flat in the second half compared to the first and ended with a turnover and another loss.

Jerry Glanville – Dud

It hurts me to put him as a dud. Like the offense, the defense had a great first half. The Tampa Bay Vipers caused several LA Wildcats turnovers. One coming on the first defensive play. In the play, they got an interception. Also, in the first half, they held the Wildcats to many punts. Holding them to just eight points. In the second half quarterback, Josh Johnson figured out a way to get to the edge. With that, he scrambled for yards and got first downs to extend drives. This pulled the defense in and that left man to man coverage. That coverage broke down and the Wildcats took the lead and never looked backed. Glanville should have been more aggressive like he was in the first half. He didn’t and the Vipers now are left to wonder and let another game slip away.

Mark Trestman – Dud

Many agree with this after the Houston game. An article I wrote got many views. He is in charge of the coaching staff. This staff had a bad second half and now this game is behind the eight balls.  Last night’s game doesn’t spell well for his future. This week they welcome in the St. Louis Battlehawks. A team that is the second-best in the XFL. Best of luck to Trestman and the Tampa Bay Vipers this week.

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