Dallas Stars Are in a Bit of a Slump but Denis Gurianov Could Be the Answer

The Dallas Stars are in a bit of a slump as of late. Denis Gurianov could be the answer. Though the record through their last 10 games may say otherwise (depending on one’s point of view), the Stars need a change. As seen below, the Stars have gone with the same lineup below:

In terms of scoring, Jamie BennTyler SeguinAlexander Radulov {coincidentally their top forward line most times) are the top dogs. However, a recent slump in the offense has seen Radulov slip to the third line. Interestingly, the Stars coaching staff put Corey Perry in his place. The reason for the slump can’t exactly be pinpointed at this time. However, scoring seems to be the leading cause. If the last three games are any indication, it’s that the Stars should switch the lines up even if just slightly. “How?” you ask?  Denis Gurianov.


Gurianov is a player that brings speed and strong hockey sense. Perhaps Benn and Seguin would see more offensive production on a line with Gurianov. With the three players on the first line, the Stars have an absolutely dangerous first line. Naturally, that means Perry would have to take his place. Be that as it may, it’s possible that a line with Hintz-Dickinson-Perry could also present its own challenges. Picture this: Benn-Seguin-Gurianov. With Benn’s puck prowess and Seguin’s speed, the opposing team would not be able to focus on one player. Maybe it’s wishful thinking – maybe not. Look no further than this link here to see what Gurianov can do.

Could Corey Perry Help, Hintz Or Gurianov?

Corey Perry could very well benefit from being around Hintz or Gurianov. Perry plays right-wing. Roope Hintz is a player that can play center or left-wing. Gurianov, on the other hand, can play center or left-wing. It gets better from here, Jason Dickinson can be plugged in at center or left-wing, according to eliteprospects.com.

Eliteprospects has this to say about Roope Hintz: “Very high hockey-IQ and has incredible awareness on the ice; is able to play the puck creatively, all the while creating space for his adjoining teammates. It creates separation, not through physical play, but through outskating the opposition. His proactivity, recognizing and taking advantage of scoring chances, makes him a valuable teammate and offensive catalyst for whoever he plays with.”

Would Gurianov or Hintz Help Keep Benn Or Seguin On The Score Sheet?

Upon further investigation, Hintz is a left-handed shot. Would it be a far stretch to put any one of these with Seguin and Benn? Let’s not forget Alexander Radulov who has been off the score sheet for a bit. What if putting Hintz with Radulov and Perry ignited some sort of offense? Going even further, Dickinson, Hintz, and Gurianov all shoot left-handed. Putting any of those names with the top line or Radulov, well, it could ignite all the lines. Denis Gurianov mixes well with just about anyone.


Just a couple of nights ago, the Stars were in a position to potentially put the game away in the shootout. Against the Central Division leader, the Stars managed to force overtime with a goal in the third period. For the Stars, that’s quite an accomplishment as the St. Louis Blues have had the Stars number all season. Two of the players also accounted for the Stars offense in this game. Tyler Seguin and Denis Gurianov both had a goal. The Stars would then start a three-game losing streak with this game being the start.

Gurianov had a goal in two of the three most recent Stars losses. The Stars play Nashville twice in a three-night span. Points against this division rival become even more crucial with under 20 games left in the regular season. The Stars have two games in the next three nights, and five in the next 10 days. With every Stars loss, be it in regulation or overtime, their place in the standings is slowly slipping away.

Final Thoughts

15 games remain in the regular season. As it currently stands, the Dallas Stars are third in the Central Division. Division-leading St. Louis is only eight points ahead. While it seems like a very tall task, the Stars could pose a threat to finish near or atop the division or conference. Mind you, “possible” and “likely” are two different things. The Stars are in a good position to make the playoffs regardless, but they have some work to do. These next two games against Nashville are vital in that the Stars would be gaining ground on the Colorado Avalanche and Blues. One should argue and could argue, that these two games and the ones against Chicago and Winnipeg will be vital in the Stars keeping a solid playoff position.


Though third in the division doesn’t seem all that bad, performance in the final games of the regular season will dictate when the Stars see the St. Louis Blues. If recent history is any indication, the Stars do not need or want to see the Blues in the playoffs. As a result of taking chances with mixing up the lines, the Stars could flourish and gain more ground. However, a few more losses and Blues victories might be the death of the Stars having a deep playoff run.

What are your thoughts on the current situation of the Dallas Stars? Leave a comment below.

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