Dallas Renegades: Three Keys Over the New York Guardians; Without Landry Jones

The Dallas Renegades lost a lot more than a game against the Houston Roughnecks. Last week, the Renegades and Roughnecks game very much lived up to the hype. In what was deemed the “Texas Throwdown”, the game boiled down to who would make the fewest mistakes. Unfortunately for the Renegades, they were the ones who shot themselves in the foot. As luck would have it, the Renegades lost two fumbles.


More than that, Landry Jones threw three balls right to Houston defenders. Though they had the more dangerous running attack between the two teams, the Renegades continued to lean on the passing attack. With that being said, the passing attack could have been what doomed Dallas from the start. The New York Guardians, however, bring a different mindset – it may be a different opportunity to roll the dice. The running attack had a better game against Houston. Dallas should lean on it just a bit more. Here are three key components to beating the Guardians.

Dallas Must Limit Turnovers At All Cost

With an offensive attack such as the “air raid”, it is pretty much a given that there will be turnovers. In fact, seeing multiple turnovers should be expected. A quarterback that has a cannon of an arm would benefit this team greatly. However, the quarterback must also be accurate. Having thrown six interceptions in three games, it is easy to question the accuracy (or maybe vision) of Landry Jones. With Philip Nelson taking over due to Jones’ injury – turnovers will need to be even more of a focus this week. The Dallas Renegades can’t afford more than three offensive turnovers.

in watching Nelson and Jones, two things are very much apparent: Jones can throw deep, but he needs to go through his progressions more. Nelson, on the other hand, based on past performances, will be better off sticking to short throws and relying on receivers to make the play. The Dallas Renegades are a very good team on paper. With talented players at every position, the Renegades should not put the game in Nelson’s hands alone. Dallas has the edge in the rushing game (100.5 rushing yards to New York’s 89.3}. What better time to limit turnovers and put the game in Lance Dunbar and Cameron Artis-Payne’s hands than now? Landry Jones is out. They don’t have much of a choice.

Renegades Must Limit Mistakes Of Philip Nelson

The Renegades have a whopping 12 turnovers to their name this season. As mentioned above, it is expected with an offense that heavily relies on its pass game. With everything that New York brings to the table, Dallas can get back in the win column by throwing more unexpected plays at the opposition. A receiving corps like Dallas has, quite frankly with a few underachievers on the roster, the offense begs to use the running game more this week.


Mixing up the plays also helps limit turnovers. When a team does the same plus over and over, the defense will begin to read the offense more precisely. As a result, the play will result in a loss of yards and down, or even a turnover. Just looking through the stats and rosters proves one thing. Jeff Badet, Jazz Ferguson, Donald Parham, and evening Flynn NAGLE have been vital to each game. Putting some “Wildcat” style plays in the game plan adds to the danger. Furthermore, adding this style of ply will catch any team off guard. And, if it works out well enough, the players used in this style of play will gain confidence in his own ability to pull it off again in the future.

Renegades Must Control Tempo And Finish Games

The Renegades squad is at its worst when they can’t determine how to control the game tempo. The Air Raid is a good weapon to gain a ton of yardage in a minimal amount of time. However, it can be a detriment to the team if not executed perfectly. And, with Landry Jones out, there’s a real possibility that it won’t be executed properly. In all honesty, it wasn’t executed perfectly with him in.

When there’s a group of talented players around the quarterback, why not take advantage? This team is missing the ability to close out games. More than that, it’s missing the ability to finish games with only a passing attack as it’s weapon. Now is the time to rectify that. The only way to do that: lean on each other and hold each other responsible. New York is a great team. Dallas needs to be more than a one-dimensional team to get back in the win column. The XFL season is only 10 games. Dallas came into the season as favorites to win it all. As of now, they don’t even look to be close to as good. In fact, mentioning Dallas is hilarious at this point. They can turn that around this week. But will they?

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