Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 20

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Master and student clash sabers. Kylo takes a much more aggressive approach. Luke fights strictly in a defensive fashion, doing so rather effortlessly. He doesn’t make any real attempts to strike back but manages to keep Kylo at bay. At a pause, Kylo complains that Luke isn’t really trying and demands that he get serious. Luke doesn’t answer him, causing Kylo to become even more aggressive. At another pause, Kylo huffs out ragged breaths. Luke tells Kylo to give up. Kylo continues his onslaught toward Luke, visibly becoming more and more unstable. Eventually, Luke starts to feel a little bit of the pressure and is forced to retaliate by giving Kylo a good kick to the chest, knocking him onto his back.

Luke holds his saber toward Kylo on the ground. He tells his nephew something similar to what he told his father in Episode 6. He then pulls his saber back and holds out his hand for Kylo to take, giving him his choice. Kylo stares at the hand with a frustrated look on his face. After a moment, he starts to slowly lift one arm from the ground. But what looks to be him accepting Luke’s gesture quickly turns into a sudden forward thrust of his hand, violently Force pushing Luke into the air and away before falling down onto his back with a nasty thud. The audience characters react in a bit of shock.

Kylo quickly snatches up his lightsaber and makes a Force jump over to Luke. The old Jedi, still in pain from the powerful Force push, is unable to then defend himself from Kylo’s follow-up plunging attack. The sound of the saber piercing his body and a scream from Leia is all that can be heard.

A pause to give the audience and the audience characters a second to soak in this moment. Afterward, the republic forces start firing at Kylo but he easily deflects the shots away. (If Chewie is here, he can let out a wail before firing the first shot.) Quickly seeing that this isn’t going to work, the republic forces then board their ship with a devastated Leia before getting away.

Phasma chuckles, commenting on them running away scared. She then observes Kylo standing over Luke’s body. He has a look on his face that suggests he doesn’t feel anything at this moment. Phasma teases Kylo about having to use an underhanded tactic to beat Luke. Though, she isn’t exactly upset with him or anything and just thinks that Luke was a fool to let his guard down like that. Kylo doesn’t respond as he walks past Phasma in silence, leaving his helmet on the ground.

We close out with Leia going to Ahch-To to give Rey the bad news. Rey is already aware through the Force and the fact that Luke wasn’t here when she returned. The two ladies hug it out with the question of what’s to come looming over them.

And there’s part 20. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

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