Overwatch League: Week 4 Reactions

Now that we’re 4 weeks in and teams are starting to shape up more and more in the Overwatch League, it’s time to start relaying my reactions to each team’s performance each week. This will follow a simple structure. I will try to sum up how I feel about a team based on their performance over the weekend with a short phrase and then give a bit of reasoning as to why I feel that way about them in comparison to how they’ve been doing so far this season. This should be fun.

New York Excelsior: That’s More Like It

New York looked more like the New York we’ve been accustomed too in their match against Florida. They practically smothered the Mayhem, giving them no room to breathe. They went with Nenne and Libero as their starting DPS line this time around and it made them look like a different team compared to what we’ve seen so far this season. This makes me question if New York was really taking Philly seriously in their match against them. Nenne looks to have a better McCree than SBB, and against Carpe, sub-par McCree play ain’t gonna cut it. If New York actually thought they could get away with playing the B-team against Philly, I’d be nothing short of offended if I was a Philly fan, which I am.

Florida Mayhem: Ehh…?

To be honest, I didn’t actually expect Florida to do all that well even if New York hadn’t played the way they did. If they couldn’t beat Philly, they certainly weren’t going to contend with New York. To be fair, they did show some signs of life in map 2 and Gargoyle’s bomb at the end of map 3 gave them some hope, but both instances were otherwise short-lived. As far as their London match goes, I was expecting it to be as close as it was with London pulling it out due to some heroics from Glister. And that’s essentially what happened with London executing a great team stall after a huge bomb from Gargoyle on map 5. I think Gargoyle’s been one of the brightest spots for this team. Other than that, I’m otherwise apathetic about the Mayhem right now.

Atlanta Reign: What?

Seriously. What happened? Atlanta comes out and probably gives us the most one-sided match we’ve seen so far this year in the league and then looks unsure about what to do with Paris. The reason I’m so confused is not that they rolled Toronto but because it looks like they took the 3 extra weeks they had to prepare for their first couple matches and only used that time to prepare for Toronto. Toronto and Paris was the first game of the entire season. Atlanta had footage of the two teams they were scheduled to face back to back playing against each other on day one!

To be fair, Atlanta didn’t really play awfully or anything. They had their moments throughout the series. It just looked like they only prepared for one team and not both. I don’t know. Maybe they did and Paris just threw them for a loop and they had no back-up strategy? It’s not like Atlanta strictly tried to counter them in composition like they did Toronto. It was more or less a mirror match with small deviations here and there. It’s hard to say, but they’re definitely the biggest anomaly in the Overwatch League currently.

Paris Eternal: Good Stuff

I chalked Paris’s first loss to Toronto as first game jitters. I’m happy to see I’ve so far been right about that. Since then, they’ve pretty much been on a tear. Against Atlanta though, I was at least expecting things to be a little closer? They win control, which is fine; they’re a pretty good control team. But then they give Atlanta a rough time on hybrid and even assault came down to the last push for them. It seemed like Atlanta constantly tried clawing momentum back into their favor but Paris kept snatching it away from them. Paris just seems to be shaping up as a real solid squad so far with some exciting players like Xzi, Hanbin, and FDGod.

Toronto Defiant: Kinda Disappointing

So, Toronto’s probably the second biggest anomaly to me right now in the Overwatch League. They get a day 1 win against Paris before they give Philly a run for their money. A match that I honestly didn’t expect to be that close given how they actually performed against Paris. Then they get wiped by Atlanta, okay, Atlanta just had them pegged, that’s fine. But then Houston takes a 3-1 win off of them? And Logix actually showed up in the first control map too. The Outlaws more or less shut them down the next three maps though. Even with Blasé and Danteh on their comfort picks this match, I didn’t expect Houston to win the way they did. Good on them, but Toronto just looked straight up lost this weekend.

London Spitfire: Hidden Potential?

Currently, I have Glister as my rookie of the year. Though, I think the narrative that this team is just Glister and no one else is a little fabricated. This London team reminds me of season 1 Philly. They’re streaky and you’re almost always guaranteed a map 5 from them. I see a lot of Carpe in Glister, especially when it comes to the clutch factor. The map 5 against Washington where Glister just picks off Corey at the very end was just insane. I don’t think he’s as good as Carpe all around, but he’s got a solid team behind him. They can just be a little inconsistent at times.

Schwi’s a good Mei though he tends to throw a lot of blizzards away, Jmac and Bernar is a solid tank line against some of the more average to lower-tier teams so far. And Sanguinar and Krillin practically saved it for them in their match against the Mayhem. Those two support players were the key to that stall on Oasis. They go down before they get nano and sound barrier and things might’ve been a different story. I don’t think this team has realized its full potential yet and I’m very interested to see how they develop.

Houston Outlaws: Good Job

Houston had to win at least one match this weekend at their homestand. They had to. And although they still have a fair amount of issues, I’m happy to say they at least have a better handle on their player rotations. Blasé finally got going on Doomfist on every map he played. Danteh looked crispy clean on the Sombra, we got to see some Linkzr and Meko; the Toronto game was definitely Meko’s break-out game for Houston. He was hitting some nice bombs when his team needed a push, eating blizzards left and right. It was nice to see.

I still think Muma can clean up his Rein play a bit more, and Rawkus dies a bit too much for my liking either at the beginning of team fights they end up losing or at the end of fights they’ve won, but with hero pools incoming next week, things can only get better for this squad.

Philadelphia Fusion: Unsurprising

Philly has been looking pretty strong since the season started. I was fully expecting this game to be an easy one for them. On top of that, Carpe thoroughly put Jerry in his place. He had his moments here and there, but it was pretty obvious the man was outclassed. What’s even more impressive is that this was practically Carpe’s game off too. It didn’t really look like he had to work all that hard for the majority of the match. Whenever he showed up in the kill feed, it was mostly just to pick off Jerry while the rest of his team cleaned up the rest of Boston. It makes me think the team just told Carpe to give Jerry as many problems as he could while the other 5 guys handle all the hard stuff.

Boston Uprising: Jerry Who?

Oh, Boston. So, let me just say, coming into this weekend, Boston and Houston were looking like the two worst teams in the Overwatch League. After this weekend, it’s looking like Boston is well in the lead now. Teams have been up and down, especially after this weekend, so it’s still kind of hard to tell right now. But it definitely ain’t looking good for them after this weekend. Boston still has a lot to figure out, and Jerry ain’t gonna be their savior. He had an average performance against probably one of the worst McCree’s in the Overwatch League right now in Blasé. Carpe, in my opinion, is the best damage player in the league right now. So I’m not surprised the match against Philly went the way it did for Jerry. And since Carpe didn’t even have to try in this game, it means the rest of Boston was just straight up getting outplayed.

What did you think about this week’s Overwatch League games? Leave your comments below!

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