NFL: Top 5 Wide Receiver Free Agents

Every year in the NFL loads of players contract expire leaving them to enter free agency. Some players are labels as registered free agents (RFA), which means they can change their employment status with their team, or with a new team. Or an unregistered free agent (UFA), which means they have the ability to go wherever they want with no limitations, whether they decide to resign with their old team, or head to a new team for a new chance to have a better career. Now let’s talk about five UFA’s who seem to be big names at the moment and some teams that they would be a perfect fit for.

Starting us off is what some experts see as the best option for free agent wide receivers in 2020, Amari Cooper. Cooper came to Dallas in 2018 after a trade between the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys. Cooper has the ability to be a number one receiver for whatever team picks him up, but if it came to it, he would be the best number two receiver if he gets picked up by a team that already has a wide receiver one locked down.

A downside though is that if he doesn’t get the contract he wants, he will hold out and not play, which is not good for a team who could really use his presence. I see Dallas trying to resign him, but if he doesn’t like the offers they give him, he could test free agency for a new team.

Good NFL team fits: Dallas, Philadelphia, and New England

Next up on our list is a receiver listed as number one, but would be a very explosive number 2, Robby Anderson. Anderson has just come off his rookie contract and is most likely going to look for a new team if the Jets don’t offer him an amazing contract and let him play his game instead of theirs. Anderson is for sure going to draw some attention when the free-agent market opens March 18th and could get a nice offer from whoever he signs with.

The New York Jets kept Anderson from breaking out with using a run game lead by Le’Veon Bell, and coaching that was too scared to use the receiver’s talent. If they want to keep him on the team, they need to let him loose and allow him to use his strengths to their advantage.

Good NFL team fits: New Orleans, Kansas City, and San Francisco

My next player is the oldest player on the list, but probably the most dynamic since he can play on the outside or in the slot. Emmanuel Sanders is set to become a free agent and since he finally broke out after many years of horrible quarterback play in Denver, he is going to want to play for a contending team and hope for a ring before he is set to retire.

Sanders is an explosive play-maker and can get the job done if put in the right system. He is going to look for a decent contract and expect a good team to play for, whether he resigns with San Francisco or not.

Good NFL team fits: San Francisco, New Orleans, and Seattle

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Now that the bigger name players are out of the way, I want to talk about two players who could be explosive but can also be kept on good contracts. One of those players being Breshad Perriman. Perriman was what teams expected him to be when he was drafted, but after the core of receivers he was in for the 2019-2020 season, Perriman broke out and teams noticed the type of potential he can have if put in the right fit.

If he can develop forward and can have a good group of teammates to help him succeed, Perriman can perform higher than the expectations teams had for him in the early stages of his career.

Good NFL team fits: Dallas, Philadelphia, and Green Bay

Our next under the radar player is ex-Kansas City wide-out Demarcus Robinson. Robinson is definitely a speedster who can do damage to any defense if they lack coverage on him. Robinson is only 25 which makes him the youngest player on this list, but that’s a positive since it means he can sign a long contract with a team. He needs more time to develop, but if put in a good system, he can develop faster than expected.

Good NFL team fits: Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis

Would you like if your team signed any of these players? Do you have a different opinion as t what teams these players would excel in? Players come and go very fast so it’s almost impossible to find someone who can change the entire look of a team. But if put in the right fit, they can take a team from nowhere to somewhere and can make a team better if given the opportunity to show off their skills.

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