Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 19

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

We rejoin the republic forces meeting with the First Order forces at their requested spot to carry out the deal. The planet doesn’t really matter as long as it’s a planet with a fair bit of uninhabited and open space.

The First Order side stands in front of their transport ship as the republic ship lands. Kylo and Phasma stand in front of their small group of enforcers, keeping the republic official well under their control. Once the republic ship lands, a few republic enforcers come down the ramp (Along with Chewie if he’s there) and line up along either side before Luke and Leia come down the ramp (With R2 and 3PO if they’re there).

As Luke and Leia make their appearance, Phasma asks Kylo if he’s sure about this. With conviction and not a hint of hesitation, Kylo tells her that he’s sure. Phasma shakes her head and says “The way you guys (Force users) think makes absolutely no sense to me,” in a slightly annoyed tone. She then shuffles the republic official over to Kylo. Kylo takes a step forward from the rest of his group, ushering the official along with him.

Leia and Luke look onwards at Kylo and the First Order. Only silence between them. Leia finally calls out across the empty space between the two factions. She comments on how much Ben has grown. Kylo retorts by considering how much his mother was around when he was a kid, he’s grown a lot more than she thinks. This discourages Leia. She attempts to say something else, but Luke stops her. After a pause, they both begin walking forward. Kylo and the official do the same.

The four of them meet a few feet between each other now. Kylo shoves the official forward, practically making them fall over. Leia takes them before they both walk back to her side a safe distance away.

Kylo and Luke stare each other down. They exchange some words. Luke apologizes for what happened in the past and that they don’t have to do this. Kylo is determined though and accuses Luke of being too afraid to face the monster he created. Luke says that that isn’t at all the case. That these things aren’t about power. Kylo says that it’s always about power. He accuses Luke of fearing his power when he was a kid and fearing it now. No doubt lies Snoke has fed into his head. Luke says that he only fears what Kylo will become if he continues down this road. Luke then mentions Kylo’s mask. He tells him of the conditional reasons as to why Vader wore a mask and that Kylo is only using it as a shield. Trying to get him to see that following Vader’s path will get him nowhere.

At that notion, Kylo slowly removes his mask and tosses it to the side. The cold stare on his face pierces into Luke. He supposes that it would be more fitting to end things truly face to face. He then ignites his lightsaber. Seeing that Kylo has grossly misinterpreted his words, Luke has no choice but to fire up his lightsaber as well.

And there’s part 19. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

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