Dallas Renegades: Three Keys to Victory Against the Houston Roughnecks

The Dallas Renegades have a tall task ahead this weekend as they take on the UNDEFEATED Houston Roughnecks. A Roughnecks that has been poised to put their opponents away early to this point. Dallas will have something to say about that. An offense led by Landry Jones and Cameron Artis-Payne have earned the reputation as the top-scoring offense in the XFL. Rightfully so, the Renegades and their “air raid” offense can hit any opponent from any direction. And, with the offensive weapons on the roster, the attack on the Houston Roughnecks should be no different. Landry Jones, Artis-Payne and Jeff Badet are just three names that Dallas needs on their “A-Game”. TE Donald Parham, a tall and speedy asset, has emerged as quite the surprise.

What three things need to happen for the Renegades to bring home a win?

Dallas Renegades HC Bob Stoops must flex coaching muscle 

Houston’s Roughnecks bring to Dallas a top-ranked defense. On the other side of the field is the top-ranked offense. Something has to give…right? The defense of the Renegades has a tall task in attempting to stop P.J. Walker. More than that, Houston brings a running attack led by James Butler. If the Renegades don’t execute a plan to stop them, the Roughnecks will give them lots of trouble, and fast.

Bob Stoops has been a coaching asset to every team he’s had his hand on. The Dallas Renegades, at least thus far, are no different. Playing against an undefeated Roughnecks presents the opportunity to make a statement. Though the Renegades started the season slow, the Renegades improve every week. As the saying goes, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. Houston has found a way to stay perfect. I order for the Renegades to defeat them, Stoops must have the players on the field to execute his game plan perfectly.

Donald Parham must continue to prove his reliability

Donald Parham has been a pleasant surprise for the Dallas Renegades. Parham has 217 receiving yards to his name. Ranking third overall in the whole league, it’s safe to say that the Renegades will continue to use the reliable Tight End/Receiver. As much of a threat as Parham is, the opposing team covering him will allow Dallas to Target their other talented receivers. Should the Roughnecks focus on Parham the most, expect Landry Jones to find the next best player – early and often.

The offensive threats don’t just reside in the receiving corps. Lance Dunbar and Cameron Artis-Payne should not be overlooked. Though Dallas brings a passing team, the running backs on the Renegades bring a dual-threat aspect to the field. And, to make matters more interesting, the Renegades have an accurate kicker as well. Though they haven’t won a game on field goals, the Renegades have some weapons in other areas of the game.

Landry Jones must limit turnovers

Due to injury, Landry Jones missed the first game of the XFL season. However, he has played the rest, and, in those games, he has made an impact. Jones has four touchdowns and four interceptions to his name. Through three games, he also has 579 passing yards and an 87.4 QB rating. While interceptions are to be expected in the “air raid”, Jones’ multiple interceptions through three games is a bit concerning.

The XFL season is only 10 regular-season games. With Jones leading Dallas, yes, they are in good hands. However, the possibility of him throwing interceptions in loads is very much still there. As the undefeated Roughnecks roll into town, the air raid needs to be perfectly executed – or at least good enough to get by.

‘The fact isn’t, Houston has proven itself to be a dangerous team. Whether it’s offense or defense, the Roughnecks are up to any test. As the Dallas Renegades come into the game Sunday, their offense is dangerous. Houston is just as dangerous. More than that, both teams are capable of putting up a wall on defense. Landry Jones must limit the turnovers and fine-tune his accuracy. A team like Houston is beatable. However, it starts with Jones.

The battle for Texas XFL supremacy is just hours away. Let the records show, that the Renegades just need to execute their game plan to come out on top. Houston’s Roughnecks and the Renegades are both dangerous teams. However, “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us”.

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