Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 17

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

While Rey is on her lightsaber journey, Phasma enacts her hostage plan. This can be a good chance to toss some other Star Wars races into the mix. Perhaps this big republic official is a togruta or any other non-human race. A togruta would just be my choice to shake things up a bit. At any rate, the republic ship comes into orbit with the planet in question. I’m not sure if it should be a convoy of ships or just one well-guarded ship. I’m going with the well-guarded one for the purposes of Phasma’s plan.

On the republic ship’s bridge, the republic official mentions the specifics of whatever planet he/she (Their gender doesn’t really matter.) is about to visit while looking out the window. Some of the staff mention that they’re picking up readings of another ship heading toward them. I don’t think Phasma would be the type of character to send a transmission to her enemies before boarding them. She’s well aware that the republic isn’t just going to hand this person over to her. As such, the staff communicates that the foreign ship is attempting to board them, forcing themselves past the airlock. Guards on the ship are sent to respond at the airlock, blasters trained on the inside door.

The inside door slides open and Phasma immediately puts her new tool to use. With a powerful swing of her arm, Phasma sends some of the guards barreling away with a simulated Force push from the device. Her other hand holds her blaster pistol as she fires away at the rest of the crowd with her flunkie elites filling in behind her. The two factions fire blaster shots back and forth. Phasma acts as a frontline tank of sorts, soaking up most of the concentrated shots with her shield before finding opportunities to Force push her enemies away with it, giving her a sizable edge.

Phasma and her team move through the medium-sized ship, mowing down and Force pushing guards away. She revels in it all, expressing how much she likes her new little gadget. Phasma’s team makes it to the target. She greets the republic official and instructs her team to keep the ship staff under surveillance so none of them try anything stupid. The republic official acknowledges Phasma. Phasma acts surprised that she’s known by such a well-respected member of the republic. The official asks what she wants. Phasma explains that she understands how busy someone like them can be and that she only requires a small bit of their time. The official grimaces at the notion.

Cut to Leia back at the republic. Perhaps she and C-3PO just got done with a meeting of some sort. One of her assistants comes to her, telling her that there’s an urgent message she needs to see.

The transmission comes through. It’s Phasma. She greets the republic but dismisses any other formalities, getting straight to business. She also tells them that trying to trace the transmission will get them nowhere. Phasma delivers her ultimatum after informing them of the official currently in her captivity. She tells them that if they wish to get the official back, meet her on a specific planet at a specific time and bring Luke Skywalker along. Of course, she makes it imperative for them not to try any funny business or the official dies. After establishing a few more stipulations as a little insurance, the transmission ends.

Some people are confused about how they even managed to capture the official at all, commenting on how they’ve been knocking out small cells of the organization left and right. Leia comments that they without a doubt underestimated the capabilities of the First Order. 3PO gives a couple of his trademark ‘Oh dears’ during some more deliberations before everyone turns to Leia for what they should do. Leia has a look on her face that suggests that there’s only one choice but she’s not exactly happy about it.

And there’s part 17. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

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