David Pindell: An Interview With The Former UConn Huskies Quarterback

A chance. That’s what the former Lackawanna Community College and UConn Huskies quarterback David Pindell is looking for. The 6’1 200 lbs QB played at Oakland Mills High School before playing at Lackawanna Community College in Scranton, Pennsylvania. While with the Lackawanna Falcons he had 2,512 yards passing, 31 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions. David Pindell also had 478 rushing yards and ran it in for a touchdown 9 times. He continued his college career with the UCONN Huskies and played well. Pindell had 2,899 passing yards in two seasons with 23 touchdowns thrown. Rushing the ball he had 1,428 yards and 13 touchdowns as the UCONN Huskies signal-caller.

David Pindell recorded the most rushing yards by a QB in UConn single-season history with 1,139 yards and finished third in UConn single-season history for net yards of total offense with 3,117 in 2018. He would go undrafted in the 2019 NFL Draft and pique the interest of NFL along with CFL teams but remains a free agent. David Pindell is looking for a chance at professional football and I had the opportunity to do this interview with him to help get his name exposed more. This is the interview with the former UCONN quarterback.

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The interview with David Pindell

Jeremy Grace (JG): How would you explain your time playing in high school?

David Pindell (DP): My time in high school was great. Being that it was the first time I played organized football, it was a roller coaster with a bunch of ups and downs, but in the end, we achieved a bunch of success.

JG: Starting out playing at Lackawanna Community College, was it frustrating not playing Division 1 football straight out of high school or did you embrace the opportunity to prove yourself?

DP: It was sort of both because I felt I needed to go to prove that I could actually play the QB position, but also it was frustrating because it felt like not going to a D1 school right out of high school I missed a huge opportunity. Nonetheless being at JUCO allowed me to get some legitimacy to my game along with confidence because I broke records there, and my numbers spoke for themselves. It showed going was good by allowing me to get all those offers and bring my GPA up to a 3.5.

JG: How would you describe your time at UConn on the football field and off of it?

DP: My time at UConn was amazing. It felt good to step on the field every Saturday and put on a show for all the great fans. Even though we didn’t have the wins to show, we still were enjoying and making the most of every snap. I met great coaches, had 2 great offensive coordinators who taught me a lot more about the game of football, and I had great teammates all around me. Off the field I had a great support staff, people to keep me on top of my grades and to help me earn my degree.

JG: What do you hope to show professional football teams that they maybe haven’t seen or are missing?

DP: I want to be able to show pro scouts that I can be a QB and a playmaker whether that’s throwing the ball from the pocket or extending plays from the pocket. Also that I can be a winner and be a great team player.

JG: What are some things you plan to do outside of football?

DP: Outside of football I want to be involved in the community and be able to help people out that are struggling in whatever way possible. Whether that’s starting a Foundation, a boys and girls club, doing community activities, etc. or whether it’s helping younger football players.

JG: What do you want people overall to know about you and who are you as a person?

DP: I want people to know that I am a good leader, a role model, a big brother, a teammate, and a person that you can depend on no matter what. Also, I’m a competitor.

JG: What would you say makes you stand out apart from others if you had to say one thing or a few that are different?

DP: I’m different from others because I’m a leader. I make my own decisions and my word is a bond. Whatever I say I stick to and I go for it.

JG: If you had some words of advice to give people what would they be?

DP: Some words of advice are that you can achieve anything you want whether it’s long term or short term you just gotta be consistent every day in working for it because if you keep doing it eventually you’ll begin to achieve your goals.

JG: What’s the next step in your journey?

DP: The next step in my journey is that I have a few open CFL tryouts and hopefully some XFL tryouts. To try and get on a team to show I can play QB. After a season or two then get back in the NFL as a QB.

I along with WBLZ Media want to thank David Pindell for the amazing opportunity and honor. Mr. Pindell deserves so many chances at playing professional football and we hope that he receives an opportunity whether that be in any professional football league. We wish David Pindell the best and hope that you all follow his journey forward as we will be. Thank you again, David.

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