Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 16

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Back to Rey and Finn. Poe and BB-8 have joined them on Rey’s lightsaber pilgrimage with Poe acting as their pilot, of course. (I think Poe should probably have his own Millennium Falcon-equivalent of sorts. It doesn’t have to be a YT freighter. In fact, I’d heavily advise against it being that. It just has to be his own, unique ship that will mirror the Falcon in this trilogy.)

Rey first needs to find her kyber crystal. In this case, she can essentially go to any planet known to have them and seek one out through the Force. The planet she chooses will determine what sort of wacky and/or dangerous adventure the group end up finding themselves in. I don’t exactly know the specifics of every planet that houses kyber crystals, but getting her crystal is only half of her lightsaber journey anyway. The other important bit is getting the parts to build the saber and truly make it hers.

At any rate, nailing down his crystal journey exactly isn’t as important as what happens during it. Overall, I think it should be a somewhat taxing test that possibly gives her a run-in with the dark side. Or makes her question a few things about herself. Perhaps her doubts start to creep in on her but Finn, Poe and, BB-8 help her through it. With this in mind, you, the reader, are free to come up with any sort of adventure you’d like to see these four characters partake in as they search for Rey’s crystal! Come up with any kind of plausible scenario that challenges Rey’s character and leave them in the comments below!

After the harrowing events that no doubt transpired when looking for Rey’s crystal, Rey is a little relieved to be back on her home planet again. I imagine the rest of the crew will be as well, if only because they know what they’re going to get from Jakku this time around: sand, sand, and more sand. Sometimes it isn’t so bad to be boring.

Poe lands his ship next to the crashed star destroyer that Rey is oh-so-familiar with. As they walk out of the ship and toward the star destroyer, Poe strikes up a conversation. He says that he never thought he’d see himself going on a space trip like this with Rey and Finn. He goes on to say that when he first met Rey, he figured she was just some lowly, desert-dwelling girl that got a lucky hit on him. Looking at her now though, he feels he probably deserved that hit.

Rey chuckles at the comment. Poe then gives Finn an earnest apology for being so harsh to him when he was in republic captivity. Finn tells him not to worry about it, and that he at least understands why he was so angry. BB-8 beeps and boops joyously. Both Finn and Rey thank the little droid in response.

Poe elects to stay outside and watch the ship while Finn and Rey head inside the star destroyer.

Inside her old scavenger stomping grounds, Rey finds herself getting around the place much more nimbly thanks to her newfound Jedi-ness. She has to keep slowing down to allow Finn to catch up with her. She spots and collects useful-looking parts for her lightsaber, dropping them into a small bag. Finn comments on the sheer size of the star destroyer. Rey mentions that once you know your way around, it’s not as big as it seems.

Rey then asks Finn if he even remembers The Empire. Finn says that he vaguely recalls The Empire, mostly through First Order propaganda. Rey asks for some specifics. Finn explains that the First Order said that they believe The Empire was possibly the best thing to ever happen to the galaxy and that a sizable portion of it was foolish to go against them. He then goes on to say that the First Order believes that this new republic has and will cause more problems than it could ever hope to solve, regardless of being seemingly more benevolent about it compared to The Empire.

I assume neither character would have an opinion on this. Essentially, they were only told stories about how good or bad The Empire and perhaps even the old republic were. They weren’t there to experience it. But it will bring up the question of what it means to have a singular superpower governing over the entire galaxy.

The scene gives our two characters a few moments to ponder this quarrel before Finn grabs onto a loose section of the ship. This causes a large amount of debris to topple over him. Before it has the chance to crush him though, Rey uses the Force to stop it from falling. After tossing the debris away, Finn exhales a sigh of relief and thanks Rey for saving him. They share a caring moment in which Finn comments that it looks like Rey’s getting better with the Force. Rey gives a bashful expression before suggesting that they should maybe get out of here soon. Finn agrees.

And there’s part 16. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

How would you fix this Star Wars trilogy? Leave your comments below!

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