Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 15

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

We join Phasma now. She’s in some sort of underground black market area on a planet that can either be semi-republic regulated or not at all. I like the idea of it being semi-regulated. It’ll give us the chance to see how this new republic handles a planet that is mostly harmless but harbors a fair bit of criminal activity.

Perhaps the republic treats the bad dudes of this planet with about as much respect as the Empire treated good-natured planets when they were in charge. Phasma probably won’t have much of an opinion on this herself. She’ll probably just think they’re weaklings or idiotic. But it’ll give us an idea of how much tolerance the republic has when more manageable bad guys step out of line. Perhaps even some corrupt republic officers can be in the mix as well.

With that said, I don’t think it not being majorly regulated will be much of an issue either. In that case, it could be a relatively small planet that tends to stay to its own devices. Nothing more than the local police force to keep everything mostly in check. You can still have a crooked cop here and there as well.

Either way, Phasma is in regular civilian clothes. She’s sporting an ‘under the radar’ sort of vibe to the outfit in this scene. I assume no one outside of maybe Kylo and Snoke would know who she really is. I imagine her past is comprised of her wearing a mask/helmet and hiding her identity 99% of the time. (In this timeline, how do we even know Phasma is her real name?)

Anyway, Phasma carries on with a low profile before reaching her destination: the location of a freelance engineer she’s been working with to develop her new device. Within this location, Phasma and the engineer talk. Phasma asks if the device is all set. The engineer tells her that it is and he shows it to her.

Huge side note time: I will admit that I’m not 100% sure what I want the device to be, exactly. I’m ultimately going with a forearm-length gauntlet of some kind that deploys a shield of some sort. When the shield is deployed, it carries with it a function that allows it to simulate Force pushes. Phasma has been thinking about turning Force powers into a form of technology ever since meeting Kylo. Possibly even longer than that, depending on her history.

Finally, that concept is turning into a reality for her. Phasma might not understand how the Force works on a spiritual level but she does understand that it gives people in this universe power. Real power. Phasma is very much a woman of technology in this timeline. She has no interest in learning how to use this power through any natural means. So, if there’s a way she can harness that kind of power, even if it’s not exactly the same or nearly as powerful as the real thing, I have no doubt that she’ll find it. Regardless of whether this has been explored in supplementary Star Wars material before, it’s never been explored in the films to my knowledge, which is what matters here. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments if you think something better might fit though!)

Phasma examines the gauntlet while the engineer explains that he had to make a few tweaks to Phasma’s concept blueprints to get everything working right, but ultimately thinks it didn’t come out too bad. Phasma tells the engineer that his craftsmanship is very much appreciated. The engineer says that he was happy to do it. He mentions some sort of generic event between the two characters that indebted him to Phasma. Or at least this alias that he knows Phasma by. Phasma then puts the gauntlet on and deploys the shield. She gives a sinister smile before the scene ends with the audience, I assume, being unaware of the real power of this device.

And there’s part 15. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

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