Avenue 5 Mid-Season Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Veep is one of the highest critically acclaimed shows winning seventeen Emmy awards shows and probably my all-time favorite comedy. When I read the creator (Armando Iannucci) was making a new show, Avenue 5, I was right on board. Especially a show that takes place in the future. 

There are only five episodes so far in the series but I am finding the show pretty bland and entertaining at best. I can see the potential of the show as other shows like Parks and Rec, Friends and even the Simpsons struggled in their first season. Most comedies have to find their footing in the first season. In Parks and Rec, when they made Andy (Chris Pratt) a primary character and got rid of Mark Brandanawicz, the show thrived. Drama series don’t have this luxury as they are plot-heavy. If the plot/character dynamic doesn’t work from the beginning, then the show will most likely get canceled 

The show has been greenlit for a second season. Which is good because there are hardly any space comedies besides Orville, which is on a long hiatus. 

Breakdown of the show

Avenue 5 is about a Space cruise that goes awry. The most notable actor is Hugh Laurie which you have seen on House. Zach Woods, you would know from his Role on the Office but he has been consistently on HBO shows now. Josh Gad, has been in Beauty and The Beast and voices Olaf in Frozen, this is has been his most notable screentime. 

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It goes from six months to getting home, to three years. Without giving heavy spoilers, you find that the people in charge of everything are incompetent. The show has been hit and miss for me. All the “future jokes” don’t land for me; “I see you have an original Kindle”. The characters don’t have any redeeming qualities and I find it hard to like them. The hit part is that the show is entertaining enough that I want to keep watching. Like Veep there are enough one-line quips that make the show worth giving a shot.

The show going forward

Since the cruise won’t get back to earth for planned 3 three years, I’m guessing there’s a plan to have three seasons. I’m not sure how they could fix the show in season two. If you’re not into disaster-humor, then the show isn’t for you. Problems on the cruise seem to happen constantly and the punchline of them fixing doesn’t feel gratifying enough that it makes up for the incompetence of the characters.

Have you checked out Avenue 5 or any new winter show that’s worth checking out? Leave a comment below.

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