Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 14

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Back on Ahch-To, Rey continues her training with Luke. He and her stand before the school of younglings, giving a demonstration on proper lightsaber technique when in combat. After Luke gives a final overview of the mechanics, he dismisses the class. As the kids disperse, some comment about how they can’t wait to get their own lightsaber.

Rey and Luke sit down to have a talk. Luke asks how Rey feels she’s progressing. Rey is unsure of her answer. She notes that back on Jakku, she felt like she was running in place her entire life. Now she’s here on some unknown planet, training under Luke Skywalker. It all feels pretty surreal. Luke tells her not to get wrapped up in it all too much. She’ll need to be completely focused on Kylo and his knights.

Rey looks a little intimidated by the prospect. Luke then reassures her that he’ll be right there with her. After a small smile, Rey finally asks Luke the big question: “What happened between him and Ben?”

Luke exhales a breath. He explains that Ben was by far his best student within the first class of younglings he was training. But he also says that Ben was a pretty arrogant student. He was well-aware of his skill and his lineage. Ben felt as though the less talented students weren’t as worthy to be taught the ways of the Force. The absence of his mother also didn’t help. Because of this, Luke eventually had to put the boy in his place and let him know that someone’s legacy isn’t the only factor that defines them. Ben didn’t exactly take to the harsh lesson too well. At that, Ben planned to conspire against Luke, especially after learning about his grandfather’s time with the dark side.

Thus, came the faithful night where Ben burned down Luke’s Jedi temple and took half of the students with him. The other half was pretty traumatized and horrified by the experience, and no longer wanted to continue down the path of a Jedi after that. Luke and the rest of the legacy characters then made it pivotal to find Ben and bring him back before something happened to him. As time passed though, with little luck in locating him, interest waned. Luke then had to make a decision: Continue what seemed like a never-ending search for his student, or concentrate on fostering another new generation of Jedi.

Rey jokingly comments that Luke ultimately chose to come to some remote planet with a bunch of kids to lighten up the mood a bit. Luke chuckles softly. He says that that is essentially what he did. But he did so to possibly avoid the same thing happening with this new class.

Rey then asks if Luke regrets what happened. Luke says that he’d be lying if he said he didn’t. He goes on to blame himself. He was a very inexperienced teacher, and he feels as though he could’ve handled Ben’s tutelage much better. And that goes for all of his students at the time. Since then, he’s been looking to improve as a teacher. Rey puts her hand on Luke’s back and says that for what it’s worth, she thinks he’s a pretty good teacher.

Luke smiles before proposing they get back to Rey’s training. Rey tells him to hold on. She has one more question. It’s about Ben’s lightsaber. She tells him that he made it. To which Luke confirms this. She then asks when she is going to make her own. Luke determines that now is probably a better time than ever to do just that. He tells her that she’ll have to do it without him though. He, of course, still has to teach the younglings while she’s gone. Rey doesn’t have any problem with this. Plus, she figures it’ll be good for her to finally get off of the island, and planet for that matter.

And there’s part 14. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

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