Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 13

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Meanwhile, on Exegol, Kylo is knee-deep in training of his own. I imagine his training looking very taxing with an emphasis placed on perfecting his technique. Perhaps he’s in an intense duel with all 6 of his knights. They’ve been instructed to come at him with the intent to kill while Kylo must only defend himself. Kylo bests all 6 of them without ever explicitly needing to go on the offensive to do so. The training ends with Snoke on his throne telling them to cease. They all then line up in front of Snoke with Kylo at the front.

Snoke officially makes his in-flesh appearance here. He makes a comment that Kylo is close, but not quite perfect just yet. He mentions the fact that Kylo is naturally leagues above the 6 knights, and that things won’t be the same with Luke. Kylo apologizes for any sloppiness on display. Snoke tells Kylo that if he hopes to have any chance against his former master, his technique must be flawless. Kylo agrees.

Snoke then mentions Kylo’s encounter with his father. He tells him that he could sense his hesitation before striking the killing blow. Kylo visibly lowers his head at this. Snoke notes that hesitance has no place under his tutelage. He then asks Kylo if he clearly understands him. Kylo tells him that he does. Snoke reminds Kylo that the Jedi fear his kind of power, and to use that to his advantage. He then tells all 7 of them to continue with their exercise.

As the training continues, Captain Phasma bursts through the chamber doors. Snoke gives the whole “Who dares disturb us?” spiel. Phasma smugly apologizes before explaining that this particular issue can’t wait. She goes on to say that the republic has snuffed out another one of their small cells across the galaxy and that this is starting to become a problem. The counter-measures in their new brainwash system we’ll keep any sort of vital information from getting out in addition to how secretive they are with the majority of their cells. But if they don’t act soon, they’re going to start losing more forces than they’re slowly gaining.

Snoke instructs Kylo and the knights to stop. He acknowledges Phasma’s complaint, adding that they’ll need to do something to keep the republic thorn out of their side for the time being. Phasma says that she’s tired of playing hide-and-seek and suggests that they start putting what resources they’ve accrued so far to good use in order to gain some leverage. Being slowly weeded out while they sit here training isn’t exactly helping. Placing a fist under his chin with an unamused look on his face, Snoke asks what Phasma proposes.

Phasma puts her brilliance on display. She explains that a highly important republic official will be making their way as an ambassador of sorts to a particular planet within the coming days. She suggests that if they get their hands on them in transit, the republic might have no choice but to yield to their requests, namely, giving up Luke Skywalker. Thus, they won’t have to worry about acquiring any piece of silly information leading to him themselves.

Snoke assumes that Phasma wants Kylo and the knights to capture this hostage. Phasma laughs and says that this isn’t like bringing back a defecting subordinate, something Kylo himself was unable to do anyway. She says that she and her new team of elite flunkies, thanks to their improved brainwashing program, will handle this.

Phasma mentions that she’s also been developing a device that will be very suitable for this task. She just needs to put the finishing touches on the prototype. (I also wouldn’t mind Phasma having perhaps dabbled in bounty hunting before as well, giving her the skill set and know-how when it comes to hostage retrieval. Phasma was very poorly characterized in the films, so you’re basically free to do whatever you want with her in this timeline. Though being a bounty hunter isn’t at all needed, it’s just a suggestion on details.)

Snoke lets Phasma carry out the plan, but warns her not to fail. Phasma assures Snoke that she’d sooner die than fail with this plan. Snoke dismisses the entire group.

Phasma walks out with Kylo as the knights follow behind. Phasma quietly initiates a conversation with Kylo. She asks him when he’s ever going to drop this decrepit burn victim he calls a master. Kylo answers by saying he will as soon as he’s completed his training. Phasma retorts, asking how long that will be. She says that it seems like he’s been training under Snoke for years now and nothing is really changing. She then adds that she thinks that Snoke is just playing Kylo along under the guise of this training business. Kylo doesn’t respond as Phasma walks away from him. He does visually show signs of frustration though.

And there’s part 13. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

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