Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 12

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

So, this officially starts Episode 8. I assume that maybe a 6-8 month time skip will be enough for Rey to get a good amount of Jedi training in without being super close to a fully-fledged Jedi. Though, she is certainly more capable now than she was before. Meanwhile, the First Order has been slowly building up their army through many parts of the galaxy that are largely unregulated by the republic at large. Maybe they come upon a large group of Empire loyalists or something. Or perhaps they take advantage of crime-ridden planets that the republic wants no business with since poking their nose into some of these planets might cause more harm than good.

Either way, the First Order has been meticulously snatching up and brainwashing people that they know will never be missed by anyone, or they just align themselves with the Order’s values of dethroning the republic, since it isn’t exactly perfect either. When they escaped at the end of Episode 7, the plan was to thinly and methodically spread their limited resources across the galaxy and build them up this way while still remaining under the radar as a collective entity.

Perhaps Exegol is now their new base of operations, but it’s not a planet that you can only find with a Sith Wayfinder. It’s just the planet they planned on being a backup due to its very harsh environment—which we’ll just say is weather-related—if Ilum became a bust, which it did. It’s possibly the planet Snoke himself is based on, and where Kylo and his knights train. Obviously then, the republic is well-aware of Exegol as a planet, but they have no idea that this is the case.

We begin with a nightmare sequence. The nightmare is about Finn and all of the awful stuff he did as a First Order flunkie culminating into the massacre at the village. We get a couple of close-up shots of Phasma’s helmet and maybe some of the more malicious and harsh things he went through as a flunkie involving her. Being directed to tie up unknown and otherwise innocent folk to serve in their growing forces. When he wakes up, we see that he is still on Ahch-To. Rey is receiving a one-on-one lesson from Luke about the Force in the background. It seems as though Finn fell asleep on a rock or something while observing the lesson.

Luke is going over the deeper mechanics of Force pushing and pulling with Rey. He explains that it’s similar to breathing, sucking in a breath when pulling and exhaling when pushing. The strength of either is governed by how much you focus. He then places a medium-sized rock on top of another rock of roughly the same size. He asks Rey to only blow the rock on top away with the Force without touching the other one. Rey concentrates for a second before pushing a hand forward. Her Force push blows both rocks over. Rey’s shoulders drop in disappointment and she exhales a groan of frustration. She explains that she’s never going to get this right. Luke reassures her that she will as he places both rocks back into position and tells her to do it again.

Rey asks if she can just go back to lightsaber training since she feels she’s much better at that. Luke tells her that both disciplines; the Force and lightsaber combat, are important for a Jedi to master. Rey asks why it even matters if she blows one rock over or both. Luke explains that the exercise is about control and managing a level of focus. Without these skills, mastery over the Force is impossible. Chewie (With maybe a few of the locals here? If you wish to keep them in.) wails out from a distance. Luke thanks Chewie and says he’ll be with the students soon. He tells Rey he has to go but wants her to keep practicing. Rey gives him the good ole’ “Yes, master,” before he walks off.

Finn then walks up and asks Rey how things are going. She tells him that she didn’t expect things to be this hard. Then again, she is getting a crash course in Jedi training, so she’s had to absorb a large amount of information in a small amount of time. Finn says that he doesn’t think she’s doing too bad. Rey says that Luke told her that by this point Ben had already learned how to use the Force in a bunch of ways. She adds that she’ll probably never get that good.

Finn probably won’t know how to respond since his knowledge on the subject is pretty limited. At most, all he can probably tell her is to just keep trying.

After a pause, Rey asks if he’s still been having nightmares. Finn confirms that he is. Rey entertains the idea that they could be a side effect of his brainwashing. Finn isn’t sure of this though. He just knows that they’re heavily associated with Phasma and that cold, expressionless helmet she always had on in front of him. He speculates what a person like her would look like under the helmet. Rey suggests that she’d probably be pretty ugly for such a despicable person. Finn chuckles and comments that Rey wasn’t exactly the most inviting person when he met her either, but he doesn’t think she looks too bad. Rey smirks and gives him a playful push in response to the jab. Finn chuckles before recommending they both take a break down by the shore. Rey agrees.

And there’s part 12. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

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