New York Guardians Starting Quarterback Dilemma

After the week 2 matchup between the New York Guardians and the DC Defenders, many Guardians fans are left with a surfacing question.  Who should be our starting quarterback?  Matt McGloin or Marquise Williams?

This leads to many other questions, like who even are the best options aside from Matt McGloin? The most logical runner up would be someone we saw in the fourth quarter this week to replace Matt. His name is Marquise Williams, and he is the only other logical option to start for New York right now. In less than one quarter, Marquise went 4/8 with 51 yards passing. This means he threw more passing yards in less than a quarter than McGloin did in 3 quarters. Williams also kept the momentum of the offense going. He was able to improvise and kept morale up after this 27-0 loss. Williams did not throw an interception in the limited minutes he played. Additionally, he was able to move outside the pocket and get the ball either downfield or away from any other defenders.

McGloin, and many Guardians fans, were obviously not happy with his performance. However, he neglected to even state that he was the major issue. This led to him blaming things such as the game plan, coaching staff, and even the rest of the team. Going into halftime, down 12-0, he said, “We need to change the whole entire game plan at halftime, there’s just a lot going on right now and it’s embarrassing here for us on the offense.” This statement was followed by McGloin throwing a pick-six directly after halftime.

Both head coach Kevin Gilbride, and offensive coordinator G.A. Mangus had their own side to this issue. Gilbride seconded the statement of reporter Dianna Russini, saying it was the first time in his coaching career that he had ever heard a quarterback blame the game plan. Following that up by saying, “I need to go talk to him and figure out what the problem is because he needs to play better.”. G.A. then said, “We also had some opportunities to make plays, and he (McGloin) had some overthrows so we really just have to settle him (again referring to McGloin) down a bit and make some plays.”

So what does this all add up to? The discontent of the coaches with Mcgloin’s attitude/play.  The inability for McGloin to keep his emotions fully in check.  Even the removal of McGloin from the game?  It leads most of Guardians fans to believe this will end with a Williams start in week 3.  This is yet to be foreseen; however, it is the likely path to take for a disheartened Kevin Gilbride and the New York Guardians.

Who do you think should play QB for the New York Guardians? Leave a comment below.

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