Dallas Renegades: Three Keys to a win over the Los Angeles Wildcats

The Dallas Renegades are looking at rebounding in week 2 of the 2020 XFL Season. Last week, in what was supposed to be a win, the St Louis Battlehawks beat them 15-9. Now they head on the road to take on the Los Angeles Wildcats. Both teams are looking to grab their first win on this young season. This week marks the return of QB Landry Jones for the Renegades. Many are calling him the face of the league. In saying that, let us look at three keys for a Dallas Renegades victory.

Landry Jones – QB

As I mentioned above, Jones returns from injury for the Dallas Renegades. Many believe that this will change the fate of the team. Last week the offense looked inept. Especially at the QB position. With the return of Jones to run the offense, the Renegades can get back to doing the things that Bob Stoops and company want to do.

Jones has NFL experience behind Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. That leads many to say that he will lead the Dallas Renegades to an XFL Championship. That begins today with his return in LA.

Hal Mumme

Hal is the offensive coordinator for the Renegades. Last week he seemed to have his hands tied with the offense. QB Philip Nelson did not seem to have a full grasp of the offense. This week, with the return of Jones, should help Mumme. Mumme will have the full playbook at his disposal this week. If the Renegades are going to be there in the end, this will need to be a strong week. The pace of play and speed of the game should be on focus. That will be what returns the Dallas Renegades to the top.


The defense of the Renegades was not existent last week against the Battlehawks. This week they will need to have a turnaround game if they are to find the win column. Last week the Wildcats offense struggled to find its way. It will be up to the defense of the Renegades to keep that offense inept again this week. They held the Battlehawks to 15 points in week one. If they can do that again this week and with the return Landry Jones on offense, the Dallas Renegades might just find the win column.

The Dallas Renegades are the pick by the sports betters to win the XFL in 2020. However, if they play as they did last week they will find themselves at the bottom of the league. We will see in week two against the Wildcats if the direction will change.

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