Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 11

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

After some convincing, Leia agrees to let Finn join them with Rey promising that she’ll keep an eye on him.

Leia, Chewie, Finn, BB-8, and Rey prepare to go to Luke’s planet with Poe as the pilot. (At this point, the Millennium Falcon should definitely be enshrined in a museum or something. But if it absolutely has to be the Falcon, then Poe and Chewie should be piloting together. From here on though, we’re going with the enshrinement of the Falcon.) Leia inserts the map piece Luke gave her into the ship’s holo map. It pinpoints the coordinates of Luke’s planet. Leia smiles and expresses a sentiment suggesting that she wasn’t actually fully aware of Luke’s location herself.

(Huge side note time: In this timeline, I assume Leia would be one of only a select few people in her sphere who know where Luke is. The hope of the First Order is that they’re able to key in on one of those people through smaller connections one by one until they come to a good lead. All the while they do away with those smaller connections or brainwash them into their troops to make sure they stay under the radar. They aren’t really aware of the map piece. I know this technically means that Han should probably be aware of where Luke is too, but that’s where the darn map piece itself comes in. The piece that specifically keys in on Luke should without a doubt be entrusted to Leia.

I imagine that Luke told Leia not to use it until it was absolutely necessary to find him as a little extra insurance. That way Leia doesn’t know for sure where to find him, nor would anyone else, but she’s got the coordinates at her fingertips when the day comes, and everyone in her sphere is aware of this. So, even if Kylo were to torture the information out of his father, it still, ostensibly, wouldn’t get him any closer to Luke, all things considered. Not that I think Kylo would be able to mind trick or torture his own dad to any capacity that would actually make him spill the information anyway. As to why Luke felt it was a good idea to isolate himself, well, I hope I can explain that well enough later. I know this isn’t perfect. I’m still working within the framework of the films.)

On the island he resides, Leia walks into one of the rock formations. Inside there is a school of younglings receiving a group lesson from the man himself Luke Skywalker. Leia stands in the doorway and observes her brother and the younglings for a second before Luke notices her. Luke tells the younglings that they’ll end the lesson early today. The excited kids run-pass Leia.

Leia and Luke give each other a warm smile before they hug. They then have a seat and ask each other how they’ve been, the regular brother-sister type stuff. R2-D2 is here with Luke as well. Chewie and the others slip inside after Leia. R2 and BB-8 beep and boop in conversation with each other. Luke exchanges a powerful hug with the Wookie. He also comments on how much Poe has grown since he last saw him. Leia fills Luke in on the situation at hand. He is aware of Kylo, confessing that he felt it the moment he killed Han. He apologizes to Leia and they share another hug.

As Luke and Leia chat, Rey and Finn, observing as onlookers, exchange a few words with each other about Luke. I imagine Finn will mention that he figured he would’ve looked a lot more intimidating than he does. While I imagine Rey will probably think he’d be a lot taller. Their side conversation catches Luke and Leia’s attention. Leia asks what they’re chattering about and they both say it’s nothing. Luke mentions them being a couple of new people. Leia confirms her brother’s assumption and introduces him to Rey and Finn. The realization that she’s actually speaking with Luke Skywalker hits Rey as he introduces himself to her. As such, I imagine she might be a little shy, though the warm and inviting air about Luke allows her to feel comfortable in his presence rather quickly.

Leia explains that Rey here might have a fair amount of potential, telling Luke of what she’s been through. Even with how long it’s been since Luke last saw his student in person, he’s well aware of just how powerful he’s become now. Luke explains that for her to have such an encounter with him and not have her will and spirit broken is quite a feat. Rey, of course, doesn’t think she’s all that special, but Leia and Luke beg to differ.

Eventually, Leia offers Rey to take Ben’s lightsaber back. Rey takes a step back and puts her hands up defensively, not at all wanting to take the lightsaber back. She feels the pressure. She turns and heads out the door toward the shoreline. Finn pursues her. He catches up with her as she stops at the rocks. He asks her what’s wrong and she tells him that everything is happening so fast and that she practically wishes she had never left Jakku. She starts wondering if maybe all of this was a mistake.

Finn claims that he doesn’t really understand what’s going on, but he does know a thing or two about mistakes. He originally thought he’d possibly made a huge mistake by defecting from the First Order, but that perceived mistake led him to meet her. He then reassures her that with any decision she makes, he’ll be behind her the entire way. Rey tells him that he doesn’t have to do all of this for her. Finn replies by telling her she didn’t have to give him a ride across the desert. She jokes, telling him that she was headed toward that particular location on Jakku one way or another anyway. They have a laugh before heading back to Luke and Leia.

And there’s part 11. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

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