New York Guardians Routed in Week 2 match-up at the DC Defenders

The week 2 matchup between the formerly both undefeated New York Guardians and DC Defenders is over!  This game was fully dominated by the Defenders, who won 27-0.  This game was the largest margin of victory so far this season, beating out the record which was formerly tied between the Guardians, and the Roughnecks (20 points each game).

This victory was heavily leaned upon the amazing performance of Cardale Jones. He went 23/37, with 276 yards and 2 touchdowns. This left him with a passer rating of 91.7.

On the other hand, Guardians quarterback Matt McGloin had an insanely horrendous game. He went 8/19 for 44 yards total and 2 interceptions (oh, and of course 0 touchdowns). This left McGloin with a 10.1 passer rating.

The Defenders played an amazing game of XFL football on both sides of the ball.  They had a total of 384 yards, 5.9 yards per play, 2 passing touchdowns, and the real statistic that shows their dominance is the time of possession.  The Defenders controlled the football for 36 minutes and 40 seconds while the Guardians only controlled it for 23 minutes and 20 seconds.  DC also had 3 turnover recoveries (2 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery). All were huge for the Defenders as it put them in prime position to score each time.  DC showed their prowess to defeat New York by continuing to score even with the game out of reach, and with less than 2 minutes left, attempted a 3 point conversion in an attempt to win by 30.

Now for the Guardians’ side of things.  The Guardians’ defense for a large majority of the game was not horrid.  They gave up huge plays randomly when their secondary could not hold.  This ended up becoming an issue as further into the game; the defense was on the field for longer and longer, wearing down the players who were on defense.  This ended up being the beginning of the end for the Guardians as their offense continued to sputter all game.  New York had a total of only 137 yards the whole game, was 1 for 11 on third downs, and whenever they started to move the ball they would commit penalties that pushed them further and further back.

The only bright side in this whole game for the New York Guardians was backup quarterback Marquise Williams.  The 27-year-old came in to try and salvage anything possible in the 4th quarter.  He went 4/8, had 51 yards (more than McGloin had in the first 3 quarters) and best of all, had more than one dimension to his play seemingly.  McGloin is someone who either throws to the screen or throws it wayyyyyy downfield.  This usually does not work out and ends up getting picked off.  Williams was able to move outside the pocket multiple times and get the ball out to receivers, or,  throw it away if needed which is a nice quality.  This very well could lead to Williams being the starter for week 3.

Overall, the game was a complete domination by the Defenders and should be a wakeup call to the New York Guardians to make some changes in their play calling and possibly roster.

Week 3 Matchup for the Guardians: February 23rd at St Louis Battlehawks.

What is your take on the New York Guardians after two weeks? Leave a comment below.

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