DC Defenders: Three Keys Against the New York Guardians

Week 2 of the XFL is upon us. Last week the DC Defenders were one of the better teams on the week. This week they have a matchup against one of the other stronger looking teams in the New York Guardians. Both teams played excellent defense in week one. That should lead to a solid week two battle. In addition, now that there is tape on these teams it will make the game of x’s and o’s that much more important. In saying that, let us look at three keys that will help the DC Defenders against the New York Guardians.

Cardale Jones

Last week Jones had complete command of the DC offense. While things looked a little sluggish in the first half, the second half was open and exciting. If Cardale Jones and company can have the same successes that they had last week, they should come out on top. Although that Guardians defense may have something to say about it. They were flying around and playing very fast last week. Thus, they could make it a little more difficult for the Defenders offense to be successful.

Pass Defense

The defense of the DC Defenders is very tough. However, their pass defense was on top of their game last week. They blanketed receivers like white on rice. Elijah Campbell, who was a star of last week’s contest, shut down his side of the field. There was also a pick-six by recently traded DB Bradley Slyve. The speed of the Guardians is going to keep this group on its toes this week. I expect New York to make some plays it will be the adjustments of the Defenders coaches that will make this an interesting matchup to watch.

Pep Hamilton

Hamilton is on this list for reason; it is week 2. Now that there is tape out, we are going to see how the coaches really coach. Are the teams going to be improved? There will be more game planning and in-game adjustments that coaches are going to be making. Teams are going to play more situational football. The speed of the game will still be there, but how will coaches react to the possibility of knowing what could happen next. The coach’s chess match should be a good one between the New York Guardians’ Kevin Gilbride and the DC Defenders’ Pep Hamilton.

I do not know about you people but I am looking forward to week 2 of the XFL. This game between the DC Defenders and New York Guardians should be one of the more entertaining on the weekend. I look for both teams to come out fast and this to be a high scoring affair.

How do you feel about the upcoming game between the New York Guardians and DC Defenders? Leave a comment below.

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