Tampa Bay Vipers: Three Keys Versus the Seattle Dragons

For the Tampa Bay Vipers, week 1 of their XFL season did not go as planned. Most experts thought the Vipers would edge out a game against the New York Guardians. Well, the game wasn’t close to a game. The Guardians beat the Tampa Bay 23-3. The Vipers had four chances in the red zone and didn’t score at all. Aaron Murray had a horrible game throwing two interceptions. It wasn’t all his fault as his teammates made many mistakes. Ricky Walker was the first player to be ejected from a game after punching a Guardian player. Head coach Marc Trestman’s system will have to have some major changes done before they play the Seattle Dragons. The Dragons, like the Vipers, also lost in week one as they fell to the D.C. Defenders. I am willing to bet that both teams will have a better game in week two.


Here are three keys versus the Seattle Dragons


I might sound like a broken record, but this must be better in week two. Trestman can’t have another performance from the quarterback position as he did in week one. Aaron Murray look shell shocked against the Guardians. He was running out of the pocket when he didn’t need to. Murray didn’t get help from his receivers. They had many drop balls at key moments. Murray did make some tight throws but not enough. Back-up quarterback Quinton Flowers add some spark to the Vipers offense. The game this week is on the road if Murray plays awful again look for Flowers to get his opportunity. Flowers played for the USF Bulls and the Vipers are one week away from having their first game at home. Most Tampa Bay Vipers fans would love to see him as the starter. Either way quarterback play must be better in week two.

Stay away from dumb mistakes

The Vipers as a team made too many mistakes that cost them a victory. Penalties were one. These came at key moments and ended positive drives for the Vipers. Any team that takes to many penalties will have problems. Having players get kicked out for punching players will not help the cause either. Turnovers were another problem. The Tampa Bay Vipers had two interceptions the first one was in the endzone. This is where you almost can’t have a turnover. Nothing kills a scoring drive than a turnover. The Vipers also missed field goal attempts. They made one which was their only points. I am not saying that had they made the other one it would have made the game any better. The wide receivers and other offensive personnel dropped balls. Many times, during the game the Vipers had long third-down conversations because of all kinds of mistakes.


Like the offense, the defense never looked like they were in the game. They made some stops when they needed to. The Guardians were not that great on offense but did enough to win. The offense taking many three and outs didn’t help. The defense was on their heels most of the game. I am not saying losing Walker helped but maybe it should have been a spark. They will probably be going up against former USF quarterback B.J Daniels. Daniels is like Flowers he is mobile which at times is hard to contain. It will have to be better if they want to win and head home with a record of 1-1.

Will the Tampa Bay Vipers bounce back in week two? Leave a comment below.

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