Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 10

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Our heroes make a mad dash to the exit as the explosions go off behind them. They’re lucky to make it out alive as an explosion practically blows them out of the entrance just before it caves in behind them. Coughing and wheezing, they all sit up from the ground slowly. Finn immediately checks to see if Rey is alright. She nods and tells him she’s fine. Although, the handcuffs they removed did hurt her wrists a bit, not to mention her shoulder injury. Finn smiles before Rey checks his injury as well. He tells her that it isn’t as bad as it looks even though the pain is really starting to hit him now.

Poe yells out, wondering if anyone’s going to ask him, Chewie or BB-8 how they’re doing. BB-8 boops while Chewie wails, sharing the same sentiments with Poe. All of the dead bodies strewn across the snow breaks the small moment of levity once they all get up and notice. Poe almost can’t believe that just 7 people did all of this. Finn then asks where Han is. Immediately after, Chewie lets out a wail. The tall Wookie is hunched over on his knees. The group collects around him, viewing Han, lifeless, on the ground. Poe tries to console Chewie. Finn closes his eyes in frustration while Rey looks away.

Rey spots Ben’s lightsaber in the snow and heads over to pick it up. She informs everyone that she has it. Poe tells her that Leia might want it. Rey holds onto the lightsaber and nods. The late-arrival reinforcements offer to take everyone back to the republic.

After some major briefings, gleaning information from Finn, rest and Leia having to accept her husband’s death at the hands of her son, she decides that now is a better time than ever to get in contact with Luke.

At some point, Rey finally gets a moment alone with Leia after all of the craziness and hands her Ben’s lightsaber. Leia takes the lightsaber and then asks Rey to come to see Luke with her. Rey denies the request. She’s convinced that she’s done enough space adventuring to last her a lifetime. Leia believes that Rey should come with her though. The fact that’s she’s gone through so much, came face to face with Kylo himself, endured arduous torture sessions and she’s still around to tell the tale, has Leia convinced that Luke might want to see her. Rey tells Leia that she’ll think about it. Leia lets Rey know that they’ll be leaving soon once preparations are all set.

During this time, Rey sits down to have a chat with Finn. She tells him that Leia’s invited her to meet Luke. Finn tells Rey that the First Order told him that Luke is a pretty dangerous guy and has to be eliminated at all costs. But given his time spent with everyone at this point, he comes to the conclusion that Luke might not be all that bad. Rey mentions that the brainwashing must’ve been pretty deep to some extent if he can’t remember who Luke Skywalker is. This statement confuses Finn, but he shrugs it off before offering to join her if she’s really that unsure.

Rey doesn’t mind him joining, starting to open up to Finn, but she’s not sure if Leia will even let him come for her sake. Finn mentions that Leia will have to because he’s basically stuck with Rey at this point. He can’t imagine going anywhere without her, especially not after rescuing her. The two of them hug it out, securing their bond.

And there’s part 10. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

How would you fix this Star Wars trilogy?


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