Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 9

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Meanwhile, Kylo and the Knights of Ren have almost completely run through the entirety of the forces fighting at the base entrance. There is a fair number of stragglers left with most of them attempting to retreat. But the ones that aren’t so lucky are cut down in an instant. Kylo Force pulls one guy to him and prepares to skewer him with his saber. At that moment, Han calls out to Kylo from the base entrance, using his real name.

Kylo freezes and drops the guy. The guy crawls away in the snow, scared out of his mind. Kylo and the rest of the knights turn to Han standing at the entrance. Silence as Kylo stares down Han through his mask.

Han utters Kylo’s real name again and double-checks for sure that he really is Ben. Kylo lets out a scoff and decides that there’s no point keeping secrets anymore and removes his mask. Han instantly recognizes his son’s face even if it has been some time since he last saw it. Han comments that he’s been looking all over the galaxy for him. He apologizes for being a factor in what drove him away from him and Leia and then asks him to come home. Kylo tells him that he has no home to come to and that he left all of it in the past. Han takes out Ben’s old lightsaber. He recounts the day in which Ben first built it. How proud he was of him being able to accomplish this task.

Kylo calls his parentage into question. He notes that his mom was rarely ever around and that Han himself wasn’t exactly the best father. Han admits that he certainly wasn’t prepared for the type of responsibilities that come with being a father, especially with his wife always wrapped up in republic business. He pleads with Ben to return home again and that things will change. He steps closer to his son.

Kylo expresses his resentment of the republic itself, and that nothing will actually change if he does come back. Han will still be the same father, Leia the same mother, wrapped up in the issues of the republic as a whole.

Han stands before his son now. He pleads with him once more and hands him his old lightsaber, mentioning the emotional pain that they are both feeling right now. Kylo then says there’s only one way to get rid of the pain. He pierces his lightsaber right through his father’s torso, killing him. Han drops to the ground, his son’s old lightsaber tumbling out of his hand across the snow.

Before Kylo has time to possibly express any emotion over killing his father, Phasma contacts him. He puts his helmet back on to speak with her. She tells him that Rey just got away. Kylo responds by telling her that the girl is of no concern anymore. Phasma then asks what the plan is now. Kylo says that they’ll proceed with plans as normal, viewing this muck-up as little more than a road bump that they’ll be sure to prevent in the future.

But now that the word is out on the First Order, they’ll have to be extra careful about where they tread from now on if they wish to continue building their forces. Kylo then says he’s starting the destruction sequence, pressing a button on a hand switch. He ends his call with Phasma as a ship flies in to pick him and the knights up.

A few moments later, internal explosions begin to rock the base from below the icy surface.

And there’s part 9. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

How would you fix this Star Wars trilogy?


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