Oscars: Reflecting on the 2020 Academy Awards

The 92nd Oscars ceremony was pretty good overall. But first, let’s revisit my Oscar Prediction piece. I feel a lot of media outlets don’t reflect on their missed predictions. I got two out of my five predictions correct. Not bad, I didn’t feel Parasite would win the best picture because it wasn’t represented in any other categories like Best Actor, Best Actress, etc. The film winning without any of the actors being in the main nomination categories is something that hasn’t happened since Slumdog Millionaire 11 years ago. 

Most don’t associate Eminem as an Oscar winner but he won one for Lose Yourself seventeen years ago for “Best Original Song”. That was a nice callback to him performing the song. Janelle Monae and Billie Eilish were all solid performers as well.

Nothing stood out to me as far as winners go; Toy Story 4 won, 1917 won all the visual/sound and cinematography awards, and the Winner for Best Picture and Best Director go hand in hand which Bong Hoon-Jo made a name for himself going up against other well-renowned directors. Jojo Rabbit won best-adapted screenplay and that’s one of the few movies I didn’t watch so I plan to watch that soon. 

Something that I read from other outlets like this is that the Oscars Viewership is at an all-time low. I find this at a bit of a stretch because 23.6 million is still a good number for an event that they don’t put up on streaming for free. My other point, since the numbers aren’t where they need to be; put the ceremony online with ad streaming for free.

I find it gratuitous to watch 3+ hours of a ceremony with what feels like they put a commercial break every 5 minutes. Putting two hours of highlights and not showing the lesser-known awards would be better. The majority of the people check online who won anyway. 

In years past, foreign movies like Parasite didn’t win an Oscar for Best Picture. Hopefully going forward they will but I think it’s too little too late. If you read multiple pieces dating back over the past couple years, the panel who votes for the movies don’t watch the whole movie, don’t watch the animated movies (which is why Pixar is a shoo-in), the ceremony itself has felt like they give awards less on merit and more on popularity.

Something that has been running for ninety-two years hasn’t accounted for people being exposed to celebrity news 24/7 that having this once a year event loses its luster and it feels quite dated. 

Do you think the Oscars ceremony still has some intrigue among non-movie buffs? Leave a comment below and stay tuned to Ironiq Media for all of your entertainment needs.

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