Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 8

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

The republic forces take cover behind rocks as they fire off shots at the lightsaber wielders. Kylo and his knights form a defensive formation and deflect blaster bolts back at their enemies, quickly starting to thin the large herd.

Behind the cover of rocks and blaster fire, Han berates Finn for not telling him that these guys had Force users on their side. Finn tells Han earnestly that he had no idea that the Knights of Ren even existed, let alone know that Kylo could even do this. Any time he performed a mind trick or Force tortured someone in front of him, he just figured he was incredibly persuasive and using heavy scare tactics or something to frighten people. This is possibly influenced by his brainwashing. He has never seen him in a full-on fight. Poe tells Finn that he better start proving himself if he expects to trust him before firing a few shots over their cover with Chewie.

Han asks if there’s another way into the base then, as going in through the front door might be out of the question. Finn theorizes that there might be another way, but it involves melting through a sheet of ice. They also won’t be able to get back out that same way. Han thinks for a second before he touches Ben’s lightsaber inside his jacket. He tells Finn that he might have something that will get them through the ice. The two of them relay the plan to Poe, Chewie, and BB-8.

Han and the group tell the operation commander that they’re going in a different way to get Rey before it’s too late. The commander agrees and the group sneaks off to attempt their rescue plan.

They come to their alternate point of entry. It’s a thick sheet of ice, possibly blocking off an old exhaust port or something like that. At any rate, it’s their way in, but the problem is getting the ice out of the way. Han pulls out the lightsaber and turns it on. With a little help from Chewie, Han pushes the lightsaber into the ice and slowly cuts a hole into it. (Or melts it away? Whatever works.)

Once they’re in, Han relays back to the commander through comms, letting him know that they’re inside and searching for Rey. With blaster fire in the background, the commander tells them to make things quick as he might not have time to call in reinforcements and have them arrive in time if this keeps up. There’s no way they could’ve prepared for 7 lightsaber wielding-baddies.

The halls of the base are pretty much empty. Finn says that they’re more than likely boarding in the hangar now. A large explosion shakes the base. Poe and company ask what it was. Finn tells them that it was definitely them blowing away the ice covering the hangar bay. Han gives pause before turning to Finn. He asks him the way to get to the main entrance.

Finn, confused, tells him but then asks him why. Han says that he’s going to go help them fighting at the entrance. Poe butts in asking what good he’s going to be against 7 guys swinging sabers. Han tells him not to worry. Chewie then lets out a wail. Han shares a glance with Chewie, the Wookie understanding what Han is up to. Han then turns to Finn and tells him to go save his girl. Confused, but with no time to discuss, the group splits up from Han and hurry to the hangar.

In the hangar, First Order members are boarding large transports, set to escape. Most of them are already making their way out. Captain Phasma, overseeing the boarding, keeps an angry Rey at her side. She’s making it difficult for Phasma to keep her under control even with her hands secured in cuffs. Phasma comments on Rey’s fiery spirit and energy even after the number Kylo did on her mentally, telling her that she’ll make a great fighter with some training and a little mindwiping.

The group frantically look for Rey in the hangar, hoping that they aren’t too late. First Order members are too preoccupied with boarding their ships to be concerned about the group. I assume their weapons and gear will already be packed up as well, currently making them defenseless. It wouldn’t be worth much to our heroes to take potshots at them now though. And even if they did, it wouldn’t exactly help them find Rey faster.

Eventually, they manage to spot Phasma struggling with Rey as she drags her along. Finn manages to line up a shot with his blaster that connects with Phasma’s body, knocking her away from Rey. A surprised Rey looks in the direction of the shot, spotting the group. Poe gives Finn a subdued compliment on the shot. Rey takes the opportunity to run over to the group as the hangar starts clearing out.

Phasma recovers from the shot, her body armor protecting her from the worst of it. In this timeline, her armor doesn’t directly deflect blaster bolts, but it is much better protection than standard armor at the very least.

The hangar is almost completely cleared out as ships make their way off of the planet. Phasma takes her weapon and tries to line up some shots on the group as they make their way out, not realizing that the blaster shot did little harm to her while regrouping with Rey. She manages to pop Finn and Poe in nonlethal areas before they all quickly make their way out, firing a few shots back at Phasma.

And there’s part 8.


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