Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 7

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Kylo takes a break. He and Phasma have a hologram chat with Snoke. Kylo’s sudden disturbance irritates Snoke. Kylo apologizes and tells Snoke of the girl currently in his captivity. She’s a strange one and continues to resist his power. He’s unsure of what’s happening. Snoke questions Kylo. He wants to be certain that it isn’t just Kylo’s power faltering. That he doesn’t still harbor attachments to his previous life before his turn. His father, his mother, his former master; these things can still prevent him from truly grasping the potential he seeks.


Kylo assures him that he’s left those people in the past with his ultimate goal being to kill his former master. Snoke says that if these things are true then he must prove it. If the chance arises, kill those he would still harbor attachments for without hesitation. Only then will he attain the power he seeks.

Phasma is visibly annoyed (I assume it’s fine for her helmet to be off in this situation. It’ll give Gwendoline Christie a chance to actually physically emote with more than just an eye.) by all of this spirituality talk between the two men. She butts in and brings the conversation over to another pressing matter: Finn. She brings up the fact that with the republic securing him, it’s only a matter of time before they’re bound to come and snuff them out.

Snoke acknowledges this and tells them to commence preparations for migration. Kylo and Phasma both nod and the call ends. Phasma tells Kylo that she’ll be setting up look-outs around a large perimeter of their base to inform them of anyone approaching. Kylo then asks about Rey. Phasma says that she’ll handle it. She surmises that if she’s somehow able to resist his power, it doesn’t mean that a little science and technology can’t make a breakthrough on her. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a tough and scrappy person like her on their side.

Later on, the republic ships dock on the planet. Finn leads them to where the base is. I think it would be cool if the base is inside a large ice formation or something like that, and it leads underground. How to get inside works similarly to how getting inside the Jedi temple on the planet itself works, where you have to melt some ice with a concentrated heat source. The process of sealing it up again is done by accelerating a water freezing process through whatever technology you want to come up within this universe.

As the group makes its way to the entrance, Kylo is informed of their arrival and meets them there. He brings only the Knights of Ren with him.


As Kylo and his men appear, the two factions have a standoff. Han, Poe, Finn, Chewie, BB-8 and the commander of the operation itself stand before Kylo and the rest of his men, nothing but a field of snow and large rocks separating them. The commander speaks up, acknowledging that the figure in the front must be this Kylo Ren he’s heard about. Kylo confirms this, and then knowingly states that he seems to have garnered the honor of being visited by the republic.

As the two chat, Finn whispers over to Han that there’s a good chance they’re in the middle of evacuating the base as they speak. If they don’t move now, they might not be able to retrieve Rey. Han explains that getting pass 7 guys shouldn’t be a huge problem. They practically have a small army on their side right now. Finn explains that he’s never seen the other 6 guys before.

The commander and Kylo come to a stalemate on negotiations. Kylo has no choice but to ignite his lightsaber for the first time. The knights do the same. In this timeline, they all use sabers. This sends the republic side into a state of surprise and a bit of panic before the fight starts.

And there’s part 7.


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