Los Angeles Lakers: Trading Kyle Kuzma Makes too Much Sense to Ignore

With the NBA Trade Deadline today, the Los Angeles Lakers have to consider the importance of trading away a young player like Kyle Kuzma.

Sure the 24-year old from Flint, Michigan can play good minutes for the purple and gold, but he doesn’t leave a huge impact on the court.

Kuzma can score points, but he doesn’t do it consistently and on top of that he isn’t known for much of anything else.

The Lakers are trying to reach the mountain top and claim another NBA Finals trophy, but in order to do so, they might need to trade Kuzma in order to sure up that third option.


LA could use another playmaker to help the perimeter players and give LeBron James and Anthony Davis a much-needed break when necessary.

I don’t know who would be on the table from every NBA franchise, but it would make sense for them to ship Kuzma out of town to bolster the roster.

See the future

The Lakers are built to win right now. So let’s say they win the chip this summer and Anthony Davis opts to not re-sign with the Lakers, then what?

LA had problems acquiring talent before James and Davis came to town in each of the past two offseasons.

With James on the back nine of his career and Davis still not signed beyond 2019-20, the Lakers will need to figure out how they’re going to be a consistent winner moving into the future.

Kyle Kuzma won’t be enough to reel in big-name free agents if he is the lone all-star caliber player left standing from this year’s team.

Good for everyone

The Lakers would benefit by trading Kuzma for a more impactful player and the team receiving Kuzma would get a young player who could use more playing time, especially if he has the chance to show he can be the man with a playoff-caliber roster lacking stars.

Kuzma would benefit from the change of scenery and add some excitement to his new lineup.

Personally, I enjoy watching Kuz play because of how polished his game is and how poised he can be. He just never looks phased.


What would the Lakers be missing?

LA has star power, skilled perimeter shooters and they can play well in the paint.

They also have a good mixture of veteran talent and some with championship experience.

Yes, it would be nice to keep Kuzma and hope he grows into the new leader or star of the franchise, but that just doesn’t look likely and the Lakers have no time to wait for him to do so.

What can we learn?

You can discover a franchise-caliber player, but it can take a while to find him. However, you have to understand the importance of the situation you’re in.

Teams like to label guys as untouchable, but if the window to win a title is small then you have to weigh the pros and cons a bit more.

Trading Kuzma shows that he is clearly not going to be “the guy” for the Lakers’ future and obviously they have a small window.

What happens when James retires? What happens if A.D. leaves? Yeah, the Lakers would no longer be a good team, but who would come to the purple and gold just because of their history and Kuz?

Trading Kuzma isn’t a problem, but I can’t help, but wonder ‘Did they wait too long?’

Should the Los Angeles Lakers trade away Kyle Kuzma? Leave a comment below.

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